Knife Disarming Techniques. Knife Defense – KALI FMA

This clip is an excerpt from one of my Kali Center University videos I want to give you a peek at. All the videos in KCU are highly detailed with a progressive …

11 thoughts on “Knife Disarming Techniques. Knife Defense – KALI FMA

  1. alvin ross says:

    You guys are hard-core when it comes to Kali. I train with y'all guys once very impressed. Try to get back in there to train with you guys. I like a lot of stuff that you all guys are doing straight to the point.

  2. Kali Center says:

    Side note about this Knife disarm detail*** I did not learn this detail from any PTK instructor. This was taught to me by an old local Kali instructor. Just a fun fact I thought, I'd share 😉

  3. Eli Alivar says:

    Hey Paul. Great video as always. Indulge me a question would you. I know you have been asked this a hundred times before, but what is your base system? And also the other style/discipline you incorporate into your personal system? As I understand you practice Pekiti Tirsia Kali, but by who? The way you move seems to suggest Tuhon Tim Waid. . .

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