Knife Defense

There are many critical factors that influence your ability to defend from a knife attack – footwork, hand-eye coordination, mobility, reflexes and many others.

7 thoughts on “Knife Defense

  1. Tyler Lalonde says:

    when you try and hide the knife it's kinda hard not to notice. which does happen but to untrained victims. your training should teach awareness. if you want learn about how gangs carry guns then watch hood pranks. idiots get guns pulled on them lots. most are fast at it which is scary.

  2. Mario Delgado Osorio says:

    This question is for any expert in combat sport or self defense or martial arts, Would you rather have a knife on your own if someone pulls out a knife and atacksyou or you preffer be empty hands? I know it sounds seally but if you think about it, maybe is better be empty handed for the defense factor

  3. solnegrolunaroja says:

    I collect knives and train with them, many different sizes and shapes. I have three rules just in case I cannot run: get distance, get a knife or stick, get a gun. I love the way you put distance, is logic and realistic. The untrained, unclean fighter is the most dangerous. Thanks again for this videos, very useful!

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