Knife Defense Training Rick Tew’s NinjaGym Martial Art and Ninjitsu Camp Thailand

15 thoughts on “Knife Defense Training Rick Tew’s NinjaGym Martial Art and Ninjitsu Camp Thailand

  1. Rick Tew says:

    This is a student on the program practicing his teaching skills. We don't only focus on punching and kicking on our program – every student on the Live-In program will also "learn to teach" as part of their LEVELS training. This will help them to develop leadership skills and better prepare them for a brighter future. Although it is nice to kick and punch, they will not get you very far in life.

  2. NMIBUBBLE11 says:

    Is he an new instructor, ? The way he shows the techniques looks sound but he hesitate on what he wants to say. It does sound like he knows what his doing just a little sidish on want he wants to say. That's all. Public speaking is scary when starting out as a new instructor. or was it the video camera? 🙂 Dam that roll was scary fast though while picking up the knife. Impressive!! As usual Good vid. From the Ninja Gym.

  3. Rick Tew says:

    If you are looking for tutorial, go to NinjaGym(.)com for a free Martial Art content. We have level 1-5.You can watch actual training VDOs. We also have a Home Study program where paid members have access to online NinjaGym Dojo to upload tests, receive test reviews&feedback&get certified.

    On NinjaGym Dojo, you can chat with instructors, other members, get important file and share training experience.

    It's like having a personal instructor to work with you to improve your martial art skills.

  4. Rick Tew says:

    Thank you for your comment. 🙂

    If you have a Facebook account, please add "Martial Art Camp Thailand" as a friend. We have more photos and videos of the training, accommodation and activities there. All fun stuff!

  5. Rick Tew says:

    Basic rock climbing can be provided on the island.

    Island Hopping, Snorkeling, Cultural Trips and other activities can be provided at an additional fee. Koh Samui island is very near to other islands famous for snorkeling and diving.

    We also have a 2-10 day weekend seminar in the US in the summer. This will be held on Aug.7-16, 2010 in Fresno, CA. Search on YouTube using " Introduction to Martial Arts Summer Aug 7-8, 2010 in Fresno, California " to watch an action vdo of this event.

  6. Rick Tew says:

    Head over to TheNinjaCamp (.) com for more info. We have a weekly, 2-month and 2-year Total Warrior Programs, all inclusive of a group accommodation in a resort-like property (the one in the vdo), 2 meals/day and training at our camp on a tropical island in Thailand. The 2-month program is the best deal, as it's only $1,500, including all of the above. Payment plan available. In 2010, camps start on Jan 22, May 22, and Sep 22, with a span of 2 months each.

  7. Rick Tew says:

    Thanks for your interest. In 2010, we have phases starting Jan 22, May 22 and Sep 22, with a span of 2 months each.

    With the weekly program, you can start anytime we have a phase, just make sure you arrive and finish your program before the phase ends. go to TheNinjaCamp. com for more detail. Fill in our form with your phone number of email add. and we will contact you.

  8. Rick Tew says:

    You can see more photos and videos of our training and the camp on Facebook. Please search for Martial Art Camp Thailand and add us as a friend.

    Have you been following us since when we were in the US? Anyway, happy holidays!

  9. Rick Tew says:

    Our students come from different part of the world, so locating in Thailand allows us to attract students from Europe too. Cultural diversity is one of the main benefits attending our camp .

    As we offer a long term camp here, being based in a country that has a low cost of living is also a plus. Thailand has everything to offer. The locals are friendly, the weather is nice and warm, the beaches are beautiful and you can buy everything a 1/3 of the prices in the US.

  10. Rick Tew says:

    Hi..Thailand offers a lot of advantages. We are located on a tropical island on the southern part of the country and our camp is set in a resort-like property with a lots of grass to train (most of our training is outdoor). On this big piece of land, we built an obstacle course and a climbing wall, right on the property.

    So that alone does offers a unique training experience.

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