Knife Defense Tips | Santorini

On Line Training ▻ In this video I share with you some tips and techniques that can be used to defend yourself …

19 thoughts on “Knife Defense Tips | Santorini

  1. Robert Sadora says:

    This stuff can save your life. Great strategy. Stay at a distance and kick at the legs to hurt him and slow him down. Knife is so fast & dangerous all you can do sometimes is evade backwards and parry. And maybe do some strikes as well as low kicks. High kicks are risky, as you can get your leg slashed open. Even stabbed in the groin ! And then at the right time gain control of his knife. Also what I see working is stabbing him with his own blade. Krav Maga/Haganah has some great knife reversals

  2. West Sayi says:

    I was in a knifefight once. I was walking home after a night in the club and well I have to admit i was a little bit drunk, but i could still Walk and felt pretty good. Then I Walked Down in the alley and see 2 guys standing maybe 50 meters from me, and when im passing by he pushes me against the Wall and he had an knife against my throat an it when so fast i did'nt even notice it Before i felt the knife against my throat and then he said he wanted my money. The other guy just stand and did'nt do much. I said I did'nt have any money and Then he said "Then I have to kill you" so I started talking a little bit and Then bam! I twisted his arm So his knife flied away and landed on The ground and I started to punch and knee etc this guy and he just fell Down on the ground unconsiscious and The other guy just ran away. And guess what Nick, I have been in a lot of Streetfights maybe like 15 or so but this was the first time someone tried to rob me with a knife! And do you know why i was talking to him and tried to get him to think on other things? Well because you have teached me that. Your Youtube videos and teaching probably saved my life that Day. Keep up the good work!!

  3. WedgieNinja says:

    Those of you saying "to just run" need to realize that is not always an option. You never know when you will be randomly attacked it could even happen while indoors you guys need to use some common sense. it could be in a really tight and enclosed space were he could do anything including rape you if he was some kinda faggot.

    Always be prepared and start taking real self defense classes now before it happens to you. I've been watching ND For about 4 years and it could save my life Luckily I subscribed immediately and that risk is much smaller now. because Nick is the realest self defense instructor on YouTube. Keep it up nick I really appreciate your work and time you take to save real lives. Thank you.

  4. 88binis88 says:

    Nick no offense man,but you re going to get people killed with your videos.Its nothing personal but i really dislike your videos and your whole style in your videos.Part from the condescending frequent question ''are you ok?'' to your respectful partners,feinting interest which really pisses me off,you completely lack the responsibility and the seriousness that self-defense requires.Nobody is going to learn how to protect him/herself through a video.Much rather from your videos,which are a great boost for your huge ego i admit,but do not help anyone in reality and really expose people to dangerous situations, due to the lack of comprehension of the seriousness that self defense involves.Please stop it man,its rather embarassing, infuriating and dangerous what you are doing.

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