29 thoughts on “Knife Defense The Jiu Jitsu Way

  1. Phil OConnor says:

    Everyone saying this wont work- its not going to stop you getting cut/stabbed, no knife defence will do that or "work" as eveyone is saying in that way. It may however stop you from being killed. Put it this way if you get taken down and a knife ia brought to bear would you rather onow this as well as everything else he would have to show you or not have a fucking clue. Only the former will give you a chance of survival.

  2. taurusclimber says:

    The only technique you show that looks remotely like it will work is the first one: blocking the draw/attack with your knee and controlling posture. Otherwise, the rest of these are complete horseshit. Passing his arm from one side of his body to the other and switching grips while he's holding a knife? Try passing his arm while you're rolling without a knife. Let him resist. See how far you get.

    No, you're going to get cut to pieces if you try this video promoting bullshit. Show some clips of you two rolling live while he's trying to stab you. I'd love to see it.

  3. Christiaan Herzogenrath says:

    Lots of criticism in the comments. The video clearly states "taken from chapter 13 – the guard" . Presumably that means there are at least 12 other chapters and this isn't even a full chapter. I am prepared to give benefit of the doubt, look at the whole body of work rather this 1:37 promotional video. Everybody puts flashy things on their promo videos. Books , covers.

  4. MyDIY2HowTo says:

    Ground Flow drills like this will make it seems unrealistic. Although this type of fighting is NOT new, it is not a bad idea to explore (Just don't call it a new art/techniques with new label).

    The real lesson of this exercise is when resistance is allowed and not cooperative training.

  5. matt mockingbird says:

    These guys should be ashamed of themselves going to the floor with a blade and trying to submit and control the blade is suicide, shows you can have all the credentials from all the school's and teachers but you can't teach common sense.

  6. SundownTE says:

    There's some other guys in the industry who have been doing this for almost a decade already, but the content looks all right. (I say that as a guy who has a lot of hours in knife classes getting stuck and sticking other people with training blades, a lot of hours studying knife attack footage, and an okay amount of MMA pedigree)

  7. Joe Faulise says:

    Funker as I am writing this you have 3 videos that all struggle or point to the same question. How to spot a bull shit artist, problems with philipino martial arts. And this video. All of these uploads are asking and poniting out the same question or problem.

    is my training for real , or am i practicing routines that lead no where. Most people never ask themselves these questions , most instructors dont deal with it And I think its great you keep it Real well done once again.

  8. Edward Hoffman says:

    Totally practical ,,,, nice to see ,,, u don't want to be on the ground ,but u can easily wind up there , it is important to pay attention to where the hands are going , the only difference I would rip an eye out and not strike ,,,they call me blender Ed

  9. defibaughjd7 says:

    If anyone would like to get involved in this kind of weapons-based grappling, Craig Douglas over at Shivworks has probably the best classes on it I've seen yet. Look for an ECQC class near you and try it out. It will change your life.

  10. Knight Jiu-Jitsu says:

    Ok…Let's try this again…
    I am not suggesting taking someone to the ground in a street fight, especially if I know the person has a weapon. It would be wonderful to avoid every fight, or at least instantly end every fight with the first strike. However, the very nature of a fight is that things aren't going how you want them to.
    The premise of the DVD is that A.) The fight has reached the ground somehow and B.) The attacker deployed the knife once on the ground. It is very important that I make clear to everyone that I am not advocating taking a weaponized attacker into a ground fight, and especially important that I dispel some myths about the Jiu-Jitsu philosophy of ground grappling in street altercations in general. What you cannot see in 90 seconds of a promo, is that this DVD will discuss avoidance, control, strikes as well as grappling, and will have almost every technique done at varying speeds.
    Thank you for watching and commenting, and I hope you get to see the DVD in its entirety!

  11. Followingfist says:

    This is a good tutorial and some of you guys' questions are valid BUT not rooted. By this I'm saying, this demo is contact in mid stream. One thing we know for sure is if u catch yourself falling on the ground with an opponent coming at you. The best position is guard (which is what we see here.) Next, the smoothness in the movement here is what we (in the Black Karate federation) call: slow fighting. Understanding, the brain is like a computer, this allows information to be imputed in a way where "it sees" movement. This not not retarted bc naturally as the two people began to move, they speed up just as the assault does (in training). In fight mode the human body/has the ability to turn up when you choose. With this training one could "actually/actualize" better self defense or as we say: counter offense a threat. Also keep in mind, this position is not where the fight starts (as some of you stated). So that means….what? It has to get here and it is possible! We could say this bc we know clinches are likely and they often (not always) lead to the ground. This is proven, therefore it's not theory! Awareness and economy of motion when reacting is key, no matter the discipline. In closing…there was in fact a trained knife user (Asian descent here on youtube) who done a similar video like this one and was successful at stabbing the grappler. So training against someone who knows how to use an instrument is different than training for those who do not know. At the end of the day…(when you all critique, review when teaching) how is it you teach/learn white belt techniques…. in black belt level?

  12. JlingX Jolly says:

    this is the big problem for video like this—-Theoretical.
    my 1st question is, how can u bring down a guy with knife and with our get cut or stab in the 1st place?
    2nd why do u have to bring some one down and fight them on ground?

  13. Chun Key says:

    I believe Jitz can work for knife defense, only on a few conditions…the first one being that you're a combatant (not the MMA kind, but an actual combatant like a Marine). the second is already knowing an art that specifically teaches you weapons training. the third is by being open minded and not a fanboy…think real fights and not ring fights. If an instructors ONLY martial art background has no specific weapons training, obviously…don't buy his program. Learn from people who have the actual experience. The best kinds of people to learn all this stuff from are Bouncers, believe it or not.

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