Knife Defense Techniques Stress Tested – Fight Commentary Collaboration With TheStressTest

Nine knife defense techniques tested and examined by two YouTube channels. We got permission from TheStressTest to feature their amazing knife defense …

33 thoughts on “Knife Defense Techniques Stress Tested – Fight Commentary Collaboration With TheStressTest

  1. TheStressTest says:

    Thanks for the upload! Your additions were very fun to watch. If possible, can you get your BJJ friend to try the BJJ X-block live and record it? I got a lot of feedback when +Martial Arts Journey uploaded the video saying that I was doing it wrong, so your BJJ friend seems like the perfect guy to put those concerns to rest!

  2. Dale Iverson says:

    I haven't had to deal with this aside from a Target customer who said "You're lucky there's not two of you" and a tweaker who I saw one night brag to a friend about a knife he had and thereby convincing me to take the long way home. For the second guy, I imagined using the Gracie defense. I don't actually know, but maybe being sure to keep the hand behind the attacker's elbow and possibly using the guiding motion of that hand to restrict the trajectory of the knife arm?? My understanding was that Ryron emphasized cupping the elbow, but take my unqualified opinions with a grain of salt.

  3. Hayama Takenaka says:

    Of course those techniques doesn't work at toe to toe situation.
    Because attacker knows what you suppose to do.
    Technically, knife defense techniques are nor 'defense' techniques but like more 'Counter ambush' .
    Key is not strength or speed but 'timing'.
    Imagine and practice using those skills at 'before attacker start rushing'.
    You must rush first, you must grab first.
    If knife attacker already drew his weapon, don't even try to wrestle.
    It's just suicide.
    Find longer range weapon or use front kick or back kick to make distance for run away.

  4. tarek chaouch says:

    Oh boy..if you still trying to find the way to deal with aggressive knif attacs comment back and i will try to explain my long experiance with knif with the best way to deal with it..8 years karate, 3 wing chun and recentlly silat mix

  5. Per Avdace says:

    Oh man, you are totally wrong. You should not go to a arm grip. The guy with 2 hands block is crazy! Never do this. There are better techniques to do! Thanks for your honest work. Nice video.

  6. ya Boy Jonez says:

    Best defense is a good offense. Analyze the situation, stay calm then strike and neutralize the threat. Disclaimer : easier said than done but the least you can do is remain calm.

  7. MrChowhua says:

    In china there are alot of muggings by multiple knife wilding assailants. If you visit your Chinese relatives do not be suppprise if they tell you not to wear gold cause you will be mugged at knife point. Guns maybe banned in China but your ass will still get stabbed.

  8. Romonite says:

    Two Years Ago I was attacked by a druged up meth head. He had a knife. If it was not for my martial art training i would be dead. So here is the long story enjoy. My fiance was leaving my home, it was 10.30 p.m. I live on one acre land in the Styx. I opened the gate for her and I noticed a car speeding down the road. I noticed my neighbors dog was on the road. The car struck the dog but the dog was ok. He gets outta the car. I think he didn't see the dog so i told him. At this point he causes me out and charges me. I side step go for his to fore arm I control his arm. He throws some wierd punch to my head. Then I go deep horse stance joint lock and he drops the knife and runs off. I catch him at his car and well… use your imagination. I called the police took a picture of his license. They arrested him at the ER.

  9. Guitar dog says:

    This is good stuff bro. If you don't have something to use (stick, bottle, etc), your next option is to pretend you have something in your hand and throw it at them. They'll flinch giving you a second or 2 to run or move in a better defensive position.

    In my Krav Maga lessons, my instructor made it clear that you might likely take cuts to the hand and arms, but you must avoid the stabs to your vitals. You got to seize that arm with the knife (kinda hard wearing gloves).

  10. Ki11bot says:

    After watching this a few times, Im not sure how much these people train these techniques and principals. The spacing, timing, and footwork is off on a lot of this.

    Theres some good critique in there, but there's a lot of bad application.

  11. Lannel Bishop says:

    You guys are great. You are saving the lives of many over confident martial artists who studied fantasy fighting instead of real martial science. I see though you guys are kind of new to fighting. I notice you weren’t concentrating enough on the knife when struggling. The judo kid wasn’t flowing into enough locking techniques when he had plenty of opportunity. He will get better within time. Good work through. Judo or jiujitsu works best after you punch your opponent in the face. Punching make everything better.

  12. Demarkil says:

    Seeing you guys move around and do this pathetic attempt at scenario training puts your entire channel into a very bad light. Why would anyone listen to fight commentaries by people so obviously inept and lacking in knowledge about their subject matter? This was cringe worthy. Stick to talking until you can do the walking. This wasn't a stress test of the thing you think it was.

  13. The Fist Lawyer. says:

    Of course Having some actual clue in what your doing un like
    These guys can help
    Not saying these techniques are going to work
    But they have absolutely no chance of working done with the levels of skill these guys display

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