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43 thoughts on “KNIFE DEFENSE Technique – KNOCK OUT!

  1. Jack Steele says:

    Give them what they want, you can't spend money if your dead. If it's unavoidable. I'd go the old faithful 360 defence with punch and them drive my shin so far up into old mates balls reproduction will be off the table without assistance from a sperm bank. Then I will channel my inner Hussein Bolt and run like fuck.

  2. Kevin Yepes says:

    Looking good! As far as what I'd do differently….I guess something a little more direct? My reasoning is that I'm not trying to stay near that knife any longer than I have to

  3. Heki Kahni says:

    Knife defense is one of the most controversial applications. There are a lot of experts in knife defense that don't actually train with knives, that say this wouldn't work.

    But whether this will work is based on the individual, and how proficient they get in the training, and how much power they give away to the attacker.

  4. Frank F says:

    There are plenty of cases were unarmed against a knife have worked. You really can't look at somthing and say it won't work. Try practicing against resisting opponent's. Remember there is pressure on both sides, ,the person with the knife dosnt always have the mental edge.

  5. Lance Aeschliman says:

    I really get tired of people saying this will work or this won't work.  Understand that Kali is an art and people train in it as an art.  It also has a lot of benefit for self defense.  This can be said about any martial art; it depends on each practitioner and what they put in to it and what they want out of it. 

    In a life threatening attack I as a martial artist hope to God my first two defensive moves are enough to stop the attack.  In reality, most likely not.  I may need bits and pieces of each technique I have ever studied to defeat the threat in front of me.  I might start out with something I learned in Kenpo and 2 moves into it I might be pulling something from Kali out of thin air.

  6. BriscoRP says:

    I like how you did an inverted arm bar/ shoulder lock for control, strike and head butt.

    I thought u were going to break posture of his arm and reverse figure 4

  7. Roaming Wings says:

    I like the circle after the inner block to put yourself in position for the attack to the wrist, although i personally would prefer a lock than a strike to break. What I personally dont like is to block a right hand strike with a inner block of your own right hand, because then you're open to his left hand,as you cant really block with right and your left would have to cross over your right to do something. Interesting that you didnt grab the first hit, its something to think about. Peace : )

  8. Shane Higgs says:

    I like the fact you address the attacker's offhand with the combination. I see so many techniques taught where it's not considered and thus presumably not practiced. It's absolutely critical to consider what that offhand is doing – it could easily be a second weapon.

  9. Nathan Woods says:

    love a lot of the movements done in this technique. wondering about your thoughts on bringing the knife in front of you where there's the chance of getting cut. are you less worried because at this point in time the arm is supposedly disabled?

  10. Rusticmade says:

    Something different . .after elbowing the bicep ….elbow the face. then continue..or after the first pass to the left….do an arm brake…then continue. These are fun.

  11. Carlos Longa says:

    Hey +Kali Center that close angle of joe's hand deploying the butterfly knife was really cool.. very dramatic. I only say that it could be more realistic with a low attack instead

  12. Brett Jackson says:

    Instead of the arm destruction! I'll follow-up with a stop hit to the throat. Follow by a knee to the groin ending with a puter kepela. Maintain his attacking arm and disarm him at the end. Simple and direct!

  13. Dirkjan says:

    Looks cool as hell but doesn't work under pressure and actual intent. These kind of disarms against a knife will always he done in a demonstration, because it can't be done in an alive environment.

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