KNIFE DEFENSE – Social Experiment

Charles was one of our volunteers for this knife defense social experiment. Subscribe to my channel …

45 thoughts on “KNIFE DEFENSE – Social Experiment

  1. Ali Mohammad says:

    I think this teacher is actually bad, he doesn't explain that the safety and it's a rubber knife and he puts somehow someone into pressure like holding their t's and goes explosive etc. just step down the agressivity a lil bit.

  2. Kit-Kat The unicorn says:

    5:14 Here's how to steal someone's watch

    Me: Hey do you want to learn how to defend yourself?
    Girl: sure?
    Me: Okay! Do you want me to hold you're watch?
    Girl: Okay
    Me: Takes Watch And Runs Away

  3. jay williams says:

    I love theses videos one day or they will save lives… But I'm not sure about the kicking technique in this situation,to someone that doesn't have the footwork they may get them selves killed. Trapping the knife and striking seems like the method to be focusing on IMO..

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