Knife Defense Social Experiment

This video is part one of a social experiment we are conducting. The purpose of this experiment is to test people’s ability to defend themselves against a knife.

23 thoughts on “Knife Defense Social Experiment

  1. • Tensakuma "Tendro" Kadro says:

    I dont agree with some technique here, In martial arts I was told to protect your head, so a head butt could be counter productive in the sense you could knock out or daze yourself unconscious. I never believe or recommend using your head for anything other than thinking. You shouldn't do head butts in my opinion as it could cause severe injury to yourself.

  2. LKH9 says:

    His technique against a stronger guy by pulling him over to his own direction is very much like Tai Chi. Smooth and going with the flow of nature. That is basically what Tai Chi is about.

  3. Ronald Castro says:

    Vasil is a good egg,thank you guys for the have helped save my life a thousand times and you both don't how much that means to me…thank you from the bottom of my life…a guy who survived being stabbed five times…thank you…

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