Knife Defense Respect Your Partner – Make Him Fail!



Knife Defense For The Street. If you want to respect your partners, actually try to make them fail. That is what will help them most.

6 thoughts on “Knife Defense Respect Your Partner – Make Him Fail!

  1. Quinn's Cars says:

    Mr burton richardson!!
    From nova scotia canada ! I saw you on stephen kesting's self defense channel doing knife defense.
    From that video I immediately tried the baseball bat grip position on my way bigger and stronger little brother.
    I really liked how i could control the arm realisticly while stopping the hand switch.
    Bought your course! Still have alot of practice to do but have learned a bit so far!!
    Hardest part is the entry…
    Just need some practice!

  2. Andreas Kommos says:

    In Friendship and Respekt ! I surviave by 7 times in Kinfe Attacs on the Street thies Guys wanted to kill me ! I say it was luck that I lived ,by an fight of death or live on take a Knife its better you take a reall longer Knife and in the other Hand the Buckler or a real shild all other strategie with out defense an knife Attack are luck ! Use a gun use a rifel learn for a sec to bring the knive out of the way schoot him down than kill him not only hurt him ! Remember Jim Bowie this kinve was 50 cm great its the perfekt knife for the Wildernes than a shorter kinfe for cut fisch and small game in Eskrima , Kali , Arnis and so on You know we call that Sword and Knife in the History Time were I come was at Law and Order to carry the “ klapper Sax “ it was an one blade Weapon called “ großes Messer “ there was two Varianten the shorter one you have to carry an normal knive , an Buckler or the greater Variante you can use with one or two Hands but was only one blade so the Old German Swords for the Adligen Peopel have the better Weapon ! I come from Niedersachsen in Germany from an littel Viliage that in History Time calld Werwolfs ! In the history Time the meaning of Werwolfs means Free Human that don' t pay Tax but comes War in your part they have to fight ! They have Specials strategie an Taktiks today the Modern Warfar called Asymmetrische Art of War ! The Defens wiht an not sharp Weapon against a knive its risk too but better than nothing in your Hands if there is an Knife Attacker use Bar Chairs throw him with Bottels or other hard Things better more Humans fight him back since the Police come ! The Technik of breaking Arms that gripp the Knife use only if you stronger than the Attackes , the Attackes can kicking with Knie , shin , foot , punching with haed butt bit with the mouth in nose ears throt spiying , he can put the fingers in the Eyes , sqeuzing the balls punching with hand underarms elbow shoulder he can push and pull and grabel tow in stand and ground strugling the throot ! Knive its deadly I have that seven Times in my life its was luck not more ! Its very good too training very different Strategie against the Knive but the best don't come in Troubel ! Here in Germany we have the Problem if you survive in an Street Fight you loose by the Justice ! Many Human hope that a real Justice came back or better wath Bill Newman one of the Eskrima Teacher say ! If the Human wants a better World its easy were better Humans enjoy your Training make Friendship with other Styls and not only fighting you have too Trainn inner Moral and to help for Humans that are to weak to selfdefense by self . In Respekt and Hounor from Germany

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