Knife Defense Reality – The Pill that's Hard to Swallow



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20 thoughts on “Knife Defense Reality – The Pill that's Hard to Swallow

  1. Kali Center says:

    This video is not to discourage you from training but instead to promote the importance of needed training. Many misunderstand the knife in today’s times, probably due to many factors.

    Even an under skilled knife attacker against your empty hands is a very high risk situation. They don’t need a lot of training or experience to be dangerous and effective with a knife.

    If you’re training something that you strongly believe in that works against this topic by all means then keep training it. It’s your life to preserve and your own responsibility.

    Empty hands against a knife can work and it has worked at times in history however, understand that those times it has worked for someone is very much fewer than people empty hands NOT surviving or coming out severely life changing injured in result of the attack.

  2. James Anagnos says:

    lets make one , you use the knife and ill stab you with my fingers , lets see who wins every time lol ,you ether have fighting instinct or you dont ,training can only take you so high, combat is a science ,if you dont know it dont take part ,simple as that

  3. Robert Deskins says:

    This guy is being unrealistic, real practical unarmed knife defense is not about doing some crazy Kung Fu movie shit and pulling of some crazy fast deflections that eventually disarm an opponent. Real unarmed knife defense is about trying mitigate getting stabbed to death if you can't get away and you SHOULD definitely practice that shit and if possible give yourself an edge (pun shamelessly intended) and get some full hand Spectra or Kevlar glove liners, you security professionals, contractors &, beat cops should really consider the Kevlar full forearm sleeves cause it's the that get stuck (again shameless pun) with shielding the head & torso from incoming attacks and if you find yourself scrambling around on the ground trying to get control of a weapon arm or defending yourself while getting to your sidearm you will appreciate not getting your tendons cut or grabbing a knife by the blade if necessary….. Or 221B Tactical makes fully Kevlar duty gloves, think about it fellahs

  4. D D says:

    I learned some pretty fancy knife defense when I was little on my path to my black belt and had a false sense of security for years. The reality is simplicity and lethality are key and even then knife defense involves the reality of getting cut.

  5. leoangelomarquez says:

    agree with most of what you said we already try it in a sparring, knife against empty hand, stick against empty hand with people that has different background in martial arts and some of them even teach in the national team and they all ended up getting stab or cut. the attacker is not even trained in knife fighting just an ordinary guy who is dedicated enough to stab a guy on the opposite end.

  6. wcropp1 says:

    There are different levels/layers of knife defense, and how you apply them depends on the context. If someone wants to assassinate you, that's hard to defend against. You are likely to be ambushed at close range, and it will likely resemble an "attack" more than a "fight" until you realize what's going on, assuming you don't freeze up. The first level of defense is to obviously avoid being there, whether that means not walking the streets at 2 AM or running like hell when you see someone quickly approaching you. Awareness, avoidance, all that stuff. Assuming that has failed, you want to even the odds with your own weapon, as Paul said. Having said that, though, you can't just stand there, grit your teeth and draw your weapon or you'll likely be killed before you get it out. Your empty hand skills have to get you into an advantageous position long enough to access your weapon. Against a knife, that could be anything from a barstool to a gun–some type of improvised "shield," i.e. a backpack, etc., could be nice to have. Lastly, I would train some self-defense/weapon focused grappling. Greco-Roman wrestling translates well to a weapon encounter on the feet, with some modifications. BJJ may also prove useful if you end up on the ground. If they have a weapon and you do not (or have not accessed it yet), the attacker is likely to bum rush you and attack from very close, the knife equivalent of "dirty boxing," the sort of thing you see on security cameras during prison yard riots. The attacker is probably not going to snipe at you from distance a la fencing unless you also present a threat. Hence, the need for some grappling skill, the ability to isolate and control limbs, etc. You may be able to block/redirect their attack and create space, but you need a plan B if that fails. Why not learn both? And lastly, as Paul said, work diligently on your distance management and footwork, and study knife vs. knife as well as knife vs. improvised weapons. Get a concealed carry permit and train with your handgun. Learn where, perhaps, you can survive being cut and where you don't want to be stabbed, etc. Thankfully, most people aren't insane murderers, because it doesn't take much more than a pointy stick to do some serious damage.

  7. North American Hamrammr says:

    There's a reason officers with guns still are extremely concerned about knives.
    Really appreciate the video. I started escrima when my judo had no answers for the knife pulled on me, and within months I realized, base level knife experience is incomprehensible to someone who hasn't trained with weapons.

  8. citizen762 says:

    I’m a beginner level student in lemeco and a blue belt bjj. It’s true what you say. Seems to me though that the best outcomes empty handed standing or grounded so far have always been to obtain a two on one grip against the knife arm to control it then apply whatever dearm or submission from there.

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