Knife Defense Parrying and Striking Drill

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19 thoughts on “Knife Defense Parrying and Striking Drill

  1. DiegoMachida says:

    Most knife attacks dont go like this, i've seen real knife attacks by untrained people, and what happens is they use their free arm to hold your shirt and keep you in distance, and the other to stab you, can you do a video on how to defend against that please

  2. Boris says:

    bottom line is, if you engage, theres always a risk of getting slashed or stabbed. If you run, thats much better. But 9 times out of 10, if you're getting attacked by someone holding a weapon such as a knife, his slapping technique is actually much better than trying to trap your opponent on the first go. Why? Because in a real fight, theres is no way (even for a trained person) to predict perfectly how or where your opponent will try to attack you, and so it is incredibly difficult to have the pin-point accuracy to execute traps. Most traps require you to get a hold of their wrist joint and leverage it to perform a lock of some sort. If the attacker is lunging and attacked at full speed, the slapping technique is sort of the instinctive reaction and probably the best way in a panic situation to buy you a bit more time, and eventually, figureout a pattern so that you can counter-attack properly, or long enough to be able to perform a proper trap and disarm him.

  3. Sumann Gon says:

    you can't really do this when your opponent has a double edged karambit is both his hands. In my experience I once used an available tray to block off the knife stabs and then swing in an available wooden stool on his leg.

  4. sonnypally6 says:

    For all the haters in the comments. Yes he got hit plenty of times with the marker. That's knife fighting though. My old knife "Instructor," who was really just an ex-spec-ops guy that had actually used knives and had them used against him always said: "First rule of a knife fight is, prepare to get cut. If your not prepared to take some hits then you're just dead." He would elaborate and explain that if you are unarmed against a knife wielding opponent and you can't run (Which is always plan A. "Stay Safe."), then there are a couple of strategies, similar to what Nick presents, and are dependent on the environment etc. . . Basically though, in a situation like presented above, you will get hit sometime, be it early on when it's still a surprise or later as you try your best to defend. The best thing you can do here, is to parry and counter, do your best to protect your more vital areas, and ultimately to survive until an opportunity to win (your parry/counter-striking is effective enough for you to go in and end it, which is always risky but might be the best choice given xyz…) or to run away (your opponent has taken some hits or perhaps is a little injured, and, like Nick said, is keeping a bit back, giving you more space to potentially run) presents itself. But the main lesson of rule one is to understand that violence isn't fun or pretty and sometimes the costs of winning aren't worth it even if it's unavoidable(which is why I like the motto "Stay safe"). It's to tear down the idea that you are ever really safe with any "Knife Fighting/Defense System" that McDojo's push. It's to keep you in a focused and defensive frame of mind even if your "System," breaks down, you keep defending and adapt or die. This is why knife fights suck. They are usually a surprise, short, brutal, and deadly.

  5. Mr Rogers says:

    This looks exactly like the videos you say are bullshit. He was striking very slowly and was keeping away… All he had to do was run at you and keep stabbing. When he did that you had to tell him to stop. (1:05)

  6. Asgeir Nilsen says:

    I think Krav Maga teaches a simultaneous block and strike. If you suceed in hitting the attacker, your odds is better. Systema tries to trap the hand or redirect it. Seals trap and hang on. I think that with the proper training and awearness and talent, you have a chance of surviving depending on the skills of the attacker and the situation. And I know people that have suceeded in this. They got some cuts though. Their background were Karate. If you train selfdefence for hand to hand combat, you also risks to be killed og someting if you are attacked on the street. You dont know your odds if you dont know the person attacking you. Maybe it is better to sense it, and attack first. Sudden kick to the groin and run. If you dont see it coming, you must have great reflexes at close distance. I think it can be an idea to hit the knifehand if he dont have a hold on you. If he got a hold of you, then go for the eyes or trouth, because you have no chance of avoiding the knife. It is better to attack. It is better attacking before somone get a hold on you. A fast kick to the groin. It is often said that you should not kick in av knife-fight. But you can kick before the knife enters or in the same second. Because he has no intent of starting with defending against a kick. Eighter he goes for the gut or above. One hit to the groin and the odds is much better. If the attack comes from the side you probably have to redirect the knifehand or block and try to hit him with the other hand. The hand you block or redirect with, will probably be seriously cut, so you have to create some results with the other hand and get away. If you are attacked from behind, it is probably over. Especially if the spine is attacked. The best systema instructors says, priority one, is to get away. Knife vs hands is a bad situation. If you can get your hand on something that can be used to defend against a knife, the odds will be better. In the street, you can use your jacket. If you have to walk where things can happen, wear a knife, a gun and a west. From a distance of 4m you can get your knife ready but not your gun. It is better to be alive and in prison than dead, If you are better of wearing armour and weapons, find another place to live.

  7. Andy Michels says:

    your defense looks shit, nice drill, teaches me, if he has a knife and me not, maybe one parry is possible… than i should run a way
    condition is i see the knife before he hits, if he hide it, no parry at all

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