Knife Defense on the Ground | How to Fight Someone with a Knife

GET MORE FIGHT TIPS▻ WARNING: Fighting someone with a knife is extremely dangerous and difficult. The further you are from someone …

48 thoughts on “Knife Defense on the Ground | How to Fight Someone with a Knife

  1. Naeem A says:

    Easier said then done. This will only work 10% of the time. It's a different situation when it's actually happening rather then someone giving a demonstration. If you see a knife pull your gun, if you don't own a gun go out and get one

  2. Poenix21 says:

    Please never block with the inside of the Forearm!!
    Even if he just hit a Vein, You are prohably unconsious in about 2min not to mention if he will hit an Artery.
    Just block with the outside then turn to Grab it's at least a little bit safer…

  3. CRPR says:

    What if we have one weak arm that's really awkward and off point to use, and then one normal arm that's accurate and on point, how do we fight then ?

  4. Mat Broomfield says:

    This is dangerous nonsense. Normally your stuff is pretty reasonable, but this is utterly full of holes. In fact it's just plain stupid in 100 different ways.

    The premise that you would even be IN this situation is almost zero.

    If it was that easy to block and counter from the  bottom, MMA fighter would do it all the time, Then you think that you can control a knife single handed with a hooking grip, and then apply a reverse figure 4 from the bottom – just like almost no-one ever manages in UFC or  whatever. Even in your demo, the woman entirely missed it the last time, and it was only your compliance that allowed her to do it. Furthermore, you just skipped over the bit where she was not strong enough to force a knife release, OR where he changed hands.

    This is exactly why I don't like teaching knife defences.

  5. Bj Walters says:

    I like that you tell people that just knowing this won't make them invincible. A lot of things I've seen on youtube don't stress that, and I think that could put someone in danger. Great video.

  6. Daniel Godoy says:

    What if i'm not on the full guard?, he may scape the kimura and keep trying yo stab me….. how do i lock that position? (Sorry for the bad english)
    PD: owesome videos shane, i'm already waiting for the next one

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