Knife Defense : Krav Maga Technique : KMW KravMaga Self Defense w/ AJ Draven

42 thoughts on “Knife Defense : Krav Maga Technique : KMW KravMaga Self Defense w/ AJ Draven

  1. FunGamesGuidance says:

    This bullshit get you kill never try to stop a knife cross your elbows on chest cover your heart and neck allways move try to run and if cant try poke attacker eye find improvised shield and weapons

  2. trevorcarterva says:

    Good luck with using that technique. For one, your attacker isn't going to let you know how they're going to attack. Secondly, their strike with the knife is going to come a lot faster and more unpredictable than what's shown in the video. You probably have about a 5-10% chance of getting control of their wrist. Carry pepper spray/mace. Spray and run.

  3. drh kleinert says:

    I hope this is not Krav Maga here, otherwise my opinions about KM will be damaged. In this Vid nothing is right, not the distance of the attacker, not the reality of the moves and not the defense. Looks like the schoolish Karate or TKD style against a Dojo Knife Attack

  4. fragnix808 says:

    such crap about knives. ALL knive defense is laughable childrens phantasy, no matter how serious the "expert" might appear. I would've stabbed him about 30 times in every spot in his body in about 15 seconds. please people, teach to run away. please, safe lives.

  5. Homo Erectus says:

    that kind of knife attack is sort of advance and mostly done by someone with a special training in military CQB. What i want t know is the typical knife attack from a thug or a thief or a derange man. Nice presentation though… Good job

  6. qlcmusic says:

    Run and yell for help! If he follows find something to throw at him. Find a pole or stick, garbage can, chair! Do not engaged the target in close combat ever! Find a rock, talk him out of it, call the police, tell him you called the police. If you are held in any knife hold comply with the person 100% follow orders and do not fuck with them. Give them anything they want and walk away alive.

    If there is no choice and you see him lunge at you then I guess throw a straight right to the face and then follow the above!

  7. Marian Kotúč says:

    These ninja fantasy disarm moves rely on the opponent being a complete moron – slow, telegraphing his intention to attack, using the silliest move possible, over-committing. Yet in full speed and with actual resistance they would be extremely low percentage. Good luck with that in a dark alley if somebody jumps at you from behind and starts repeatedly stabbing you. Before you come to terms with what's happening you lose one litre of blood and your vital organs might be damaged. Look at how knife attacks actually look before you mislead.

  8. Barny Fraggles says:

    Sorry I may be inexperienced and naive and I ask from a position of complete respect but why would you not try to grip the wrist with the knife at all costs first and foremost to neutralize the advantage then hammer down on trying to ground him? It seems insane not to make controlling that hand a priority at all costs.

  9. fzeiv says:

    I am a black Belt and have 30 years experience. I love the Krav Maga Techniques. But I teach all my students if someone has a knife and you have to defend 99% chance your going to get cut. So only defend if it is 100% necessary. I tell them I was a track star before Martial Arts, and I will run before I get shot or stabbed. Rule # 1 He is they. Rule #2 They are armed. Rule # 3 is If you are not armed get armed. I may have a Black Belt but I clip my 9 mm to it.

  10. Al Strider says:

    People dont realise its almost impossible not to get cut in a knife fight. Better your arm than your chest. Thats why in movies they person usually wraps a towel or cloth around their hand or forearm when fighting someone with a knife

  11. AMbITIONz907 says:

    I fought someone with a knife before i can tell you whatever you're teaching is bullshit. I couldn't get hold of the knife i end up grabbing the sharp part to save my stomach he cut four of my fingers. Now my middle finger can't close all the way, If you wan't to defend yourself from a knife weilding Ninja use an Ak or Rpg, or better a tank.

  12. wil cervantes says:

    to pull this off in real life you have to absolutely fearless haha and lucky. I think honestly the best knife defense u can do is just IMPROV DEFENSE, maybe use sharpie with a buddy and dont let him mark u (make the loser buy beers so its more serious). I get the idea w/ muscle memory, but these drills are too situation specific to actually help (imho), and noone does a fucking icepick stab are u joking, what is this a horror movie?

  13. BenRangel says:

    Highly doubt an attacker would ever do such as slow overhand swing, in reality an attack would probably be so fast you simply can't block it like that.
    I challenge you to use these techniques at real speed during something like "the red marker test" (wear a white t-shirt and let someone attack with a red pen)

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