Knife Defense in a Confined Space

▻ In this video we explain knife defense in a confined …

16 thoughts on “Knife Defense in a Confined Space

  1. theartbook35 says:

    Excellent advice! From my other comments about the attack, where I mentioned my attacker could have had a knife, I was in a confined space, my front porch. Running into the hallway and into my apartment, which is also a confined space, where I'd be forced to look for a weapon and use lethal force was NOT an option for me. Predators chase prey. Standing your ground and fighting is what makes an attacker think twice. BTW, totally random, but the date this video was uploaded, is my birthday.

  2. Lion says:

    Make your Pay videos 3-3½ hours long for all of them, and Nick I'll buy you have my word but 2-½ is just too short for me to buy any video. I respect all the work you put in Nick you're awesome!

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