Knife Defense: How to Defend Against a Knife Attack

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33 thoughts on “Knife Defense: How to Defend Against a Knife Attack

  1. Sama Alexus says:

    The reality is a knife attack is almost always pre-meditated. This means the attacker always has the advantage through concealment. And you…my friend. – have sweet FA time to react. Why do people keep teaching this bullshit.

  2. Kwyjibo O_o says:

    This is horrible. No one is going to attack with a knife like that. You won't be able to grab an arm during their wild slashing and stabbing. The best things you can do are try to keep distance for as long as possible with kicks, or get really good at running away. Even better, carry pepper spray so you can spray them and run away. Videos like this give false confidence that can get someone killed.

  3. Allen Clw says:

    I realised that it is an old video Shane, but I hope that you will make another video showing how to defend against knife attacks.
    I think that the video has a lot of problems. First of all, it is practically impossible to move at the same time as the attacker and side step them to block their knife attack.
    Second, most people will panic as soon as they are in danger, they will not be able to properly use the fancy moves they learned and most probably most people will not have the punching power to knock the attacker out or will panic. Look at MMA for example, lets say one of them had a knife, do you think that you will be able to chain punch, kick or ground and pound like they do? Unlikely….

    I think a good knife defense is focused mainly on fleeing, kinda like Jackie Chan style. You never stay in one place. You keep movie sideways doing large motions to prevent the knife from having a clear stab. The people should know that they WILL get stabbed, but the most important thing is to not critically get stabbed.
    So here is my take on knife defense:
    1. Defense begins as soon as the person approach you suspiciously, you have to be on guard ASAP.
    2. Your guard will be a wide stance with your knees bend and your body crouched to reduce the area of attack. This will allow you to quickly jump sideways.
    3. Your hands are both stretched at the front with your elbows slightly bent. The aim is to be able to intercept the knife as far from you as possible.
    4. If they get too close, keep backing up and warn them. And even scream to attract attention, try not to get into a corner.
    5. If they start to attack, then you will start to wave your hands quickly and jump-step quickly side ways. Your arms are trying to protect your body from getting stabbed, they may get stabbed themselves.
    6. Like mentioned in the video, once you have established your situation, the aim is to not let the attacker get too zealous. I would recommend jumping around waving your arms like an angry chimpanzee keeping in mind that you are aiming for a very swift eye gouge. Not a punch, you do not need power, you just want to shove your fingers and nails into their eyeball as hard as you can, even if you might break the finger in the process.
    7. If succeed, you will most probably have disabled them for a few moment, now will be the time to run, either toward a shop or restaurant and lock the door on your way in while screaming for help.
    8. If you do not succeed, then keep screaming and waving your arms while waiting for the opportunity to jab your fingers in their eyes. If you cannot get their eyes, I will recommend doing a front stomp on their knees while jumping back if you get the opportunity. Try not to do any roundhouse kicks, stay safe at all time, the aim is not to inflict them pain but to disable them as fast as possible.
    9. If by some miracle you are able to lock their arms holding the knife, do not let go. Use other means, headbutt in the middle of their forehead on top of their noses, biting their neck, screaming in their ears as loud as you can at close range, eye gouging with your chin etc…

  4. Peter Williamson says:

    Closing into "the kill zone" against a committed knife attacker thinking his trajectory is so predictable you can loop around his arm as you show will get you (or your students) killed. Even if you do catch him in your one arm wrap around, he will keep the knife "alive" and rip open your arm (fatal potentially).
    Your partner isn't acting realistically which is often what happens in teacher student settings. Next time you wrap up his arm, invite him to try and press on with his knife attack. Then you will realise he actually can and you cannot stop him like that!
    Plus you make the other classic mistake of showing a right handed attacker without discussing the left handed attacker. Many internet demos only show a right handed attack. See for yourself. If your going on the web, think about the obvious flaws in your moves first.

  5. marquis ballard says:

    you gotta have good reflexes and perfect timing because im tellin you if you face someone with a knife, slash and thrust attacks are very difficult and unpredictable so the best bet is do some serious training in Knife-Fighting or Kali

  6. tehdreamer says:

    This is bullshit – I was stabbed last week 4 times, I did not see it coming at all, it was so fast the guy unleashed multiple stabs into my left body unpredictably. I did not even see a knife after he stabbed me and I pushed him away. Main thing you gotta be aware of your surroundings, keep distance and if you see knife, just fucking run, its not worth it.

  7. Patriot Priest says:

    In real life you're not waiting for the attacker to come at you. He just does it, and you're never expecting it. Start your training from that point. The point where you just got stabbed. Only then will your training be worth a damn. All else is dust in the wind.

  8. Vanguard1987 says:

    Knife attackers will do their impression of a vertical sewing machine. So enjoy getting carved up as you stick your arm in there. Crazy. Defense against knife? Don't worry about it, there's a good chance you'll never see it coming.

  9. C.W. says:

    Either attack the weapon hand or dont engage at all aka gtfo of there. Plus, people don't typically execute fluid attacks like that. You're likely going to see broken thrusts and the empty hand being put in your face as a distraction. If youre going to make an instructional clip, make it realistic.

  10. Dudsen Thead says:

    Sir in fma what we do push his arm back pull his neck downward, then do an standing arm lock while the opponent is in a bow position. his arms would be on his back and his head would be inside my two thighs. and i could break his neck if i drop my butt on the ground faster than he can escape and that is 8 of a second.

  11. f16f16f16f16f16 says:

    This is a quackery for the simple reason that those who know how to use a knife never announce their movement and attack the areas closest to the attacker, such as the victim's arms, with very rapid movements, and subsequently repeatedly stab the body until Reach vital areas. This video is very irresponsible selling a false sense of security

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