Knife Defense for Overhead Attack

Knife defense for an overhead attack. Use a rubber knife and only practice under supervision of qualified instructor. A Tom Leeman Production.

18 thoughts on “Knife Defense for Overhead Attack

  1. David Bennett says:

    I have serious problems with this "defense". It looks great, BUT the entire time as the knife is being controlled it is pointing directly at your body. To make matters worse, to finish the control you drop down onto his shoulder and lock it out, fair enough, BUT you drop directly down on top of the knife that is pointing directly at your body! Instant trouble.

  2. Bruno Perissotti says:

    @dobberdoss But with proper training, this things will come quickly in your mind when they are needed. Otherwise, martial arts training wouldn't be necessary: "Just watch a video and you're good to go."

  3. Martin Chokeout says:

    @DragonZord90 DO NOT use an x block as the attacker could easily pull the knife back and slash your wrists! check out philippino knife fighting and forget karate for knife defense.

  4. Brian Clare says:

    ah, no, too busy with school. graduating this semester, waiting to hear back from grad programs. i'll be in town for spring break in a couple weeks, maybe i'll stop by and say hello though

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