Knife Defense for Different Type of Attacks

You have three types of knife attacks: static, dynamic and when your attack tries to pin you. The most important one …

15 thoughts on “Knife Defense for Different Type of Attacks

  1. Tyler Lalonde says:

    this is what pisses me off of its hard to catch yeah Judy like breaking someone's grip on your clothes! second people can hold on to an arm it's stopping the attack but that's it.

  2. _aaaa says:

    So nice to hear you talking about the pinning arm and lateral movement. Getting out of that box gives you a chance to just run. Standing there and trying to grab that knife while he's controlling you is just delaying the inevitable.

    Fixating on the bullshit techniques that focus 100% on the knife hand is what most people talk about, and it's a good way to get killed when the other knife comes out of his other pocket.

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