Knife Defense Failed ! – Adam Chan – Kung Fu Report

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14 thoughts on “Knife Defense Failed ! – Adam Chan – Kung Fu Report

  1. John Drake says:

    Great video on testing. One comment though. I've seen the "armpit knife defense" video and the person demonstrating made a point that the arm had to be fully extended or it wouldn't work. Your friend had his arm bent.

  2. pizzulo81 says:

    Do you have a knife shanking (thrusting. Not slashing) defense lesson available for purchase? In other words, do you have a lesson for defending what you did in this video?

  3. Jason Everett says:

    Man, I am sorry to hear that you are constantly bombarded by hypothetical sensational answers to life threatening encounters. Keep spreading the martial truth Sifu Adam, and please don't beat up on Cris too bad in the process. Those who truly want to learn martial arts will hear you out. Don't stress the silliness, people just want their ears tickled. As always keep up the good work and I'm waiting on a new lesson on the site. Peace

  4. palmer3977 says:

    Superb Adam, just because you prove something doesn't work doesn't make you disrespectful or a hater to a certain style or martial art as many would try to say, it makes you a realist, as someone once said "absorb what is useful & discard what is not", keep these coming Adam I am really enjoying them mate.

  5. Martial arts & Music says:

    Adam I have a question for you. I have been doing wing-chun for 10 years now for at least 3 hours a week. The source of information is pretty good because we train in the (wong shun leung – barry lee) lineage and my teacher had a very good point of view on martial arts. He gives me the tools to build a house but I'll still need to build it myself and put the effort in. My lineage doesnt say anything about my skill, just to be clear.
    I can't always train more because I need to work on my future and study. I have a wooden dummy and a wallbag at my house.

    Lately I have been reading up on bruce lee and have been looking at the differences in JKD and wing-chun. I can't find any JKD teacher in my area. I did however spar with a student of james lee, but his hand didn't impress me. I found myself thinking about the sparring match and concluded I wanted to be able to have better kicks. In wing-chun according to what I know there's a stomp kick, front and side kick, but in my association we are not allowed to use those in sparring. I feel this gives me a false sense of security in some ranges and I want to work on my kicks. I noticed bruce's "fencing" stance has his back heel of the ground. In wing-chun doing this can make you trip backwards when a large force comes in and is not redirected properly. Also
    I think bruce also switched between light and heavy stances.

    Can you please make a video about the differences in the stances, maybe how to switch between them and some good kick, so I can train those. I'm about 5 ft 9 so whenever the situation calls for longer weapons I want to be able to use them. I also want to work on not overextending my punches wich I have been doing for way too long, because I always had to spar with the adults when I was a kid and had a big reach disadvantage.

    I hope you understand the points I want to improve on and if you are able to help me with those, you want to make a video about them. I look up to your point of view on martial arts and enjoy jour video's.Please excuse the structure of my scentences since I am dutch.

  6. James B. says:

    Excellent diagnosis of trained techniques and real world/time application! I'm a wing chun student myself and believe in testing everything for my own refinement to make it work for me and encourage my classmates to do the same.
    It's true. Opinions, stories and trained defense techniques are not the answer. Actual application and discovering if those methods (techniques) work for the individual and/or if the individual needs to refine or replace the application according to the situation.
    Great stuff Adam!

  7. Gene Burnett says:

    Nice video as usual Adam. I so respect your "pragmatic", test everything approach. You should have attacked him in the middle of explaining what you were going to do since so many knife attacks are totally unannounced. ;~) GB

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