Knife Defense Awareness Drill

Get a free self defense video: ▻ Here’s an awesome knife defense drill that you can practice to develop your street …

9 thoughts on “Knife Defense Awareness Drill

  1. The natural disasters says:

    Knife defense? how can there be defense against a knives unless you're holding summat bigger like a scaffold pole, bat or whatever? real life ain't like the films where van damme, the rock, vin diesel or whoever could disarm someone in blink of a guy and not even look stressed, sweating, scared.
    When you're feeling scared you'll just end up complying or running if it's possible. No amount of gym safe training can possibly prepare you for when it does happen just like most other confrontations you'll end up in

  2. LeafgreenSniper says:

    a few weeks back at my school i was present for a fight. when the guys started, both went for the head and punched as fast as they could with both hands. it looked stupid but also intimating. can you make a video answering the following 1. why do people fight like that 2. how to defend against it

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