Knife Defense – Alonzo Cheatham



Learn basic knife defense with Sabo Nim Alonzo Cheatham – a 4th degree Dan in the art of Tae Kwon Do, member of the World Combat Arts Federation, thew …

8 thoughts on “Knife Defense – Alonzo Cheatham

  1. koolhandluke1974 says:

    I am a bit bias – I train with Mr. Cheatham – nicerebound – dont know your creds but unless you are in possession of a lead firing apparatus my money is on Mr. Cheatham
    A.R.C.K. – this might be a bit simple – but what do you know about sayoc kali –

  2. Cornampoo says:

    Even when your respond time is very low, like 0.3sec it is possible. His hand would need to move about 30cm in less than 0.3sec that is 3.6km/hour (or 2.25mph). Now how slow and retarted are you?

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