Knife Defense against the Grab and Pump

Get a free self defense video: ▻ One of the most dangerous attacks in the street is the grab and pump knife attack.

22 thoughts on “Knife Defense against the Grab and Pump

  1. UNIDEN2211 says:

    Saw a video on another self def channel of a real knife attack in Asia somewhere, oddly it was two police ofcrs, one with a revenge grudge. It was classic hold and throttle with the knife, the victim who died was unable counter the attack. Knife attacker just kept going with rapid fire strikes holding the knife [gripped with blade up] while he held the victims clothes. Very horrific video.

  2. Shubham Sharma says:

    i think you are the only one on YouTube who don't do videos for money, i appreciate that and your videos are awesome. I learned a lot of things…. thanks bro to share these videos with us…✌️

  3. wealthy black man says:

    WRONG!! I you try like this guy , you will die…You go straight for the blade with your forearm, break his elbow with your left arm. grab his wrist and put his blade through his throat. Make sure to twist the blade hard til he is completely dead. .

  4. Zarrell says:

    How about kicking at that range, Nick? Too close to get power? Maybe keeps me too occupied from being able to block/trap?? I'm thinking either groin kick, forward down towards the knee or stomach kicking him away from you.

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