Knife defences in taijiquan

A video discussing knife defences in taijiquan (tai chi chuan). From the Academy of Traditional Fighting Arts (see and …

16 thoughts on “Knife defences in taijiquan

  1. Jens Kasten says:

    give your training Partner the duty in one second with a color pen to hit you five times on a white tshirt. i guess the tshirt will be never clean after. all other is not realistic.

  2. Storm Defence System says:

    Question in respect, how would you know how a person will stab you it would be that quick and what if it was all different moving attacks, what if he/she was off their heads? and is this for street safe defence? with thanks

  3. Happy ClamGuy says:

    In classical Tai Ji quan and old wudang fist you are taught to attack to the most sensitive/deadly areas of the opponent with secondary attention to the knife (unless, if possible, a hinge block to the knife-holding hand is possible). While risky, what you are showing above seems riskier and also doesn't coincide with traditional Tai Ji knife defense. I don't mean any disrespect, as I can see you've had your share of it here in the comments, but just making an observation.

  4. haffoc says:

    Nice. Unlike most knife defense "experts" you've taken the time to learn how people actually attack in the real world and analyzed your defenses accordingly. Technique 2 is especially good. You'll be interested to know that #2 is one shown in 500+ year old European combat manuals and at least 1 barreterro manual from the 19th century. So I think you can say with some confidence that it will save your life.

  5. William Palminteri says:

    Nice presentation, Dan !!
    I see that there are several 'experts' that are complaining.
    Oh well, maybe if they were in a REAL knife attack, they'd wished they'd paid attention rather than complain !!

  6. Daniel Skipp says:

    I routinely pour scathing criticism on most martial art and self-defence knife defence videos… it is not trolling, it is well deserved criticism in an effort to disillusion the public and teachers of the terrible teaching in this life-and-death field. Usually it fails, but that is vain pride for you.
    Your vid, however, I am happy to relate, gets only praise. 😉 I like it. TaiJiQuan is great and your vid is sound. Freeform noncooperative sparring, at variable speeds, is needed to make these moves trainable to work for real but the techniques and principles are sound. Nice. Thank you.

  7. Dan Djurdjevic says:

    +Calogero Fiore I see you decided to put me in a playlist with "no touch" types and other bullshido peddlers. Well played sir. I can see giving you the benefit of the doubt as a sensible human being was a mistake. Your zero content, 3 subscriber, puppet channel clearly exists simply to troll. I am so very sorry I wasted my time replying to you. It's so sad that people like you feel you have to lash out at sincere, honest practitioners who put themselves out there – especially when your attacks are fended off verbally with such ease. It's also easy to be a critic and an expert when you have put nothing of yourself out there; when you can throw stones from behind a veil of anonymity. The internet is truly a sad place when it allows people like you to treat others in a way you would never treat them if you met them in the street. Or maybe you would? I suspect there would be a picture or video of you if the latter were the case – the absence of either speaks of your cowardice. And does not lend an iota of credibility to your "viewpoint" (whatever that might be).

  8. Calogero Fiore says:

    In a real fight you will be dead, and your peng collapses when you did pushing hands, this is incorrect according to what masters taught me in china, but hey maybe different style.

  9. Rizky Aldino says:

    Omg, surprised.. it's simillar with what i've been training in Indonesian Silat Kuntau, Filipino Eskrima,And Wingchun, a lil bit simillar but With different style of Martial arts, Respect

  10. Sejad says:

    nice one but to realy do a feeling of a knife attack you should do it whit a real knife…becouse  intention and emotions are much more difrent…the fear is the worst enemy

  11. Mastercarver says:

    Doesnt a two inch gash from a knife attack on the hand or forearm give you an a close approximate of a 1:30 seconds before succumbing to shock? Once enough adrenalin takes over the system then the oppenent can overcome the victim due to shock. I hear how law enforcement take this as a kind of rule of thumb and perhaps why they are particularly sensitive to shoot a knife wielding person so quickly.

  12. Dan Djurdjevic says:

    Thanks. And if you read the article on my blog for which this video was filmed, you'll see that I say that "unarmed vs. knife" isn't much better than "unarmed vs. gun". However this doesn't stop the fact that every day, across the globe, thousands of people successfully defend against both knife and gun attacks. Sure – some, like Guy Mezger, get cut. But they prevail. Saying that there is no guaranteed (or even likely) defence against a knife is not the same as saying there is NO such defence.

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