Knife Defence Training – My Professional Opinion

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7 thoughts on “Knife Defence Training – My Professional Opinion

  1. TheHypernaught says:

    I was trained in Muay Thai by an ex Para and he taught us a little street defense after sparring at the end of the class. He would teach us some devastating moves. He always taught that in a knife encounter you run away from the danger. If running was impossible he taught us several techniques to disarm a knife, which he stressed were a last resort. Always stressing that potentially you could get injured or killed.

    He said it was best to find a weapon of your own, like a broom handle or anything that would give advantage over range. If you were cornered and face to face only then attempt to disarm. He never got into the legal aspect like this excellent informative video. He always said rather he judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  2. Tom james says:

    Sorry for the rambling, of the last post, but my point is that knife or edged weapon defence, sort of goes beyond "normal" self defence doesn't it, you are surely teaching lethal techniques, so therefore, should teach out schools or systems who teach such techniques, but because of litigation and other fears many systems seem to either not teach them at all, or what they teach is watered down, due maybe to litigation, and therefore is not effective. Just thought I would try and clarify that.

  3. Tom james says:

    A great, and informative video as always Mark. I agree with all of what has been said below. As someone who has worked the doors in Birmingham & Portsmouth amongst other locations. I have had some time away recently, but will be back working the door in Birmingham in the new year. I have pretty much always worn a stab vest, since about  2008 when I think about it, I have had doorstaff and other guys I have worked with who would never dream of wearing a vest, some how thinking they are bullet proof, my argument has always been, that its better to wear it and not need it, than to need it and not be wearing it…But as we all know, that wont stop a blade, bottle, or something else going into your neck!

    I do agree with the guys below, and I think from far too many systems and schools promise far too much and have very flashy and Hollywood like knife fighting demo videos, that are just unrealistic, and this gives students a false sense of security…

    As far as I can see FMA as in kali & escrima seem to be the only realistic styles that deal the best with the issue of a blade..

    its a very difficult subject, when you are facing three aggressor's with knives, your chances are slim, even if you are an "expert"..

    A lot of styles and systems that are teaching these "knife defence" systems, I think teach too many techniques maybe?

    To pull techniques out of the bag, especially when under extreme stress, and shock is difficult enough, even if you have first hand experience of what I would call "real" violence…

    I am not an experienced instructor, especially when it comes to edged weapons, but from my own personal experience, and having done some training, simplicity, and extreme amount's of aggression, I feel, is the only thing that will see you through such an incident.

    Like Mark says in the video, we have to remember the law here, that is vital.

    I would have to have a conversation with someone who's an expert like Mark, but you don't seem to see or hear many instructors or systems, talk about face biting, nose biting, ear tears and things of that nature…

    When facing a situation like the doorman did in London, this is no longer self defence, this is fighting to live, and fighting to stop the death of other people, which raises the stakes extremely, I have read articles regarding like for like force, and lethal force, but again but have to speak to someone like Mark regarding this… But then try and find an association or instructor who will teach this? I train with the British Combat Association, and one of the reasons that I do, is because they are big believers in pre-emptive strikes, but again not many schools or instructors teach that do they?

    Maybe this is a type of training that needs to be discussed in the future, or maybe many styles already do it on their instructor courses, I am not sure?

    Anyway great video Mark, as are all the other information that comes from NFPS..

    I look forward to training with you guys in the new year 🙂

  4. CaptainWestJr says:

    Great video Mark. I'm a 20 year martial artist and I've had one knife incident in my time. All my martial training didn't save me (or him) from being injured by the knife. The psychological trauma for me was the worst… Your comments are well thought out and cover all the aspects of this controversial topic. I could not with all good conscience expect anyone trained or not to tackle a violent human with a knife.

  5. Brams6976 says:

    Very Informative video and truly enlighting, for years in my line of work I've been asked to deliver or facilitate these type of courses, and I've shared this frame of mind. I've always opposed to teach the ordinary worker into a false sense of security.

  6. Street boxing UK says:

    I don't think anybody can teach knife defence with any confidence and no employee should ever be expected to tackle a knife as part of their ordinary duties. I think it's important we share realities and strategies for how to approach these situations, however, as a community. I saw a video recently of a guy in London wrestling a knife from a crazed guy on a bus. That guy perhaps saved some lives that day. Maybe he'd had training but more likely he came from a culture where life threatening situations are more common and survival strategies a more common currency. I don't think he entered that conflict lightly or with confidence but out of moral compulsion, just like the London Bouncer. As a society, we may need to begin thinking more about our personal survival strategies.

  7. IZZY THE MUTT says:

    This is a fantastic, relevant, well timed and perfectly narrated video. especially relevant in my current line of work.
    Such content should be shown to all employers as a mandatory part of management training.

    Having delivered knife "Defence", training in the Police for many years prior to leaving. I would always, and quite wrongly, open up by saying, "This is an awareness designed to give you tools to use in the WORST CASE SCENARIO, rely on it for a live situation above all other tactical option, and the chances are you will be seriously wounded if not killed.

    I am embarrassed that having delivered training for so long, I have learnt ALOT from this video. Very impressive man.

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