Knife Defence Techniques Against Extremely Dangerous Attackers

See full post here: In this video, International Defensive Solutions and WAIMA founders, Renshi Phil and Shihan …

21 thoughts on “Knife Defence Techniques Against Extremely Dangerous Attackers

  1. anthony brown says:

    I appreciate and understand your tatic however I have a question . After you dive in and grab and trap the upper arm I see that the forearm /wrist is not secure . What will stop the attacker from raising his arm and slicing across the face or throat ?

  2. Peter Williamson says:

    Initially, you did a fairly good job of discussing knife attacks. Then you showed the "dive" strategy and your cred fell away. In your post "dive" holding position, you say he "can't quite get you" with the blade! Then you mention defensive cuts as being likely (and they are) but in your dive position, the knife is by your heart lung area! Worse, you don't allow him to make an effort to get you with the blade.
    I guarantee he would break free and cut you from there. You needed to show a struggle from your final dive position to prove your point which clearly you did not/ could not.
    Secondly, you make the common internet demo mistake of discussing and modelling a right hand strike with no discussion about left handers.
    There are some credible responses to knife thrusts out there, this isn't one of them sorry.

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