Knife Deception | How Image Affects Opinions



Watch this vide carefully. You will be presented with two sets of images. Keep track of how you feel after watching each one. Watch carefully and please …

34 thoughts on “Knife Deception | How Image Affects Opinions

  1. Funker Tactical - Fight Training Videos says:

    Its the exact same drill. In both iterations, the viewer learns absolutely nothing. But one looks cooler than the other. The message here is that when it comes to training, do not let music, editing, and effects fool you. Learn to distinguish good training which often happen at slow, methodical speeds. Good luck. -GN

  2. Ric says:

    Run from knives. A friend got slashed across the arm, he passed out a few seconds after the cut, lucky someone phoned an ambulance fast, the sugeons re-attached his tendons, today he only has 50 percent strength in that arm, now forever stuffed.

  3. DoubleTapShooter says:

    Thank you for the video GM. This video really shows how people miss judge martial arts based on what instructor looks like. I knew a instructor who had lost his leg do to cancer. People would look at him funny and whisper things like "he needs to just buy a gun and hope he never has to use it." this ended one day when he decided to roll around on the mat and destroyed 90% of the class. On the other side of this, I have also seen an instructor who looked great "tacticool" that was teaching crap. In the end the old saying holds true "You cant judge a book by its cover" TY GN

  4. Van Ivanov says:

    Meh, Samurai wore sillier stuff while killing people. I can judge your technique just fine, regardless of what you wear. I'm a little sick of martial arts people trying to look super-duper tough, rather than show how tough they are through their technique.

  5. J.Cunningstunts says:

    I totally missed the point reading the other comments it seems. I thought it was a great point to make I would certainly ( mistake) like many others react DIFFERENTLY if the attacker is dressed in Tactical gear and probably let my guard down if dressed in jeans and t-shirt.

  6. bingbonga binga says:

    In knife training how close to real can you get without actually cutting or stabbing someone? In boxing you try to punch hard to the face for instance. In knife fighting practice where is the pain?

  7. Peace Ecaep says:

    It doesnt matter the fancy way he moves,every attack is the same,same movement striking at the same areas. Just wait for the real attack and stop that arm. There's not 100 ways to stab with a knife there's only a few so just wait for the real attack don't pay attention to the flare and flash that's what I noticed

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