Knife Crime caught on CCTV

Video of a horrific and fatal stabbing that was thought to be a valuable lesson for anyone wanting to learn knife defence. How would your instruction help you …

34 thoughts on “Knife Crime caught on CCTV

  1. Tamasha1 says:

    15 years, is that a joke.
    And might be our earlier on good behaviour in prison.
    Life means life in prison or death sentence.
    Thats what you call a real sentence.

  2. nathan smiddy says:

    where about in the u.k was this seen as I don't recall anything said about a knife crime then but looking at the date 2012 I might of still be at school but still I should of seen this on the local news paper or something but in regards to what they where asking people really need to take something they can use to defend them self's should this ever happen again as why should people get attacked for no reason? it's why I always take my safety gear witch can take any knife attack.

  3. The Brumpires says:

    15 years for murder and attempted murder? the british government is fucked up for one the minimum sentence for murder with a knife is 25 years and on top of that he stabbed another person so why has he only got 15, a black man got 30 years for shooting a police helicopter without injuring anyone and this fucking donut only gets 15 years, shows courts are racist and his bredrins only get 5 years, fuck the gbh why arent they charged for murder and attempted murder, britain is fucked up

  4. flubblefruitstick says:

    What's the point in catching them if there's not going to be any punishment? 15 or 5 years might seem like a lot to upper middle class politicians, lords, and judges, but it's much smaller sentence to people who don't have a good future to look forward to anyway. A sentence like that just sends out the message to other criminals that the justice system is run by pussies.

  5. Abdul Ismail says:

    What just 5 years for the two,. this is a joke.This bastards should have been charged for murder and all three of them sent to prison for at least 20 years.But i am forgeting that this is Britain and we should look after this thugs cause their childhood was not good.And no wonder there is so much murders and robberies.

  6. Struan robertson says:

    that was really scary. I wouldn't have stood a chance.  Two guys just out enjoying themselves and that happens,  15 years for one guy and 5 for the others – that is shocking, should have been life for the 3 of them.  Total scum bags

  7. jumpa01 says:

    God bless Daniel and his family, My entire  being hurts for you  I'm so sorry for your  loss..Words cannot begin to console 
    I wish I could get my hands on that P.O.S. coward,  whos punch Daniel just shook off as if  it were a mosquito bite .I would show him a thing or two about  how we deal justice here in America . Did the  prosecution not have a copy of the video 15 years  was the  kid the  judges son or something ? 

    As for the question on how to deal with this situation? Well you have one of two choices  here  once you figure out you are  under attack if anyone reaches  into a  pocket  you either attack hard and fast or your turn tail & run .

    With my  buddy on the ground  running would not be an option so as soon as I saw him going  into that left front  pocket  I would of kicked him as hard and as fast as I could of square in his tiny nonexistent balls . Granted  hindsight is 20/20 in this day & age we  all need to take any physical confrontation as an attempt on your life deal with  what becomes of it later  the  key OBJ is staying alive!!! |
     I just wish I could of been there for you, even though I dont even know you , your story brought tears to my eyes! 

    God Bless You Daniel & our friends and  Family  as well 

  8. sovereign sun says:

    Those dirty pieces of shit this only happens because people are afraid to defend themselves due to legal ramifications so end up becoming victims after the fact the only law is your own law  

  9. thatmaninblack says:

    I got followed by gangs armed with knives multiple times, back in Europe. Glad I moved to the US. No such thing happened to me since I'm here. Europe can keep their violent gangs and anti-gun laws. It's also weird how the people in England thinks that knives causing violence. Or ther is a "knife violence". There is violence and some people using knives, some using bats and steel rods or their fists first. Just like in this video, they did hit the guys with their fists. How you gonna ban fists? Wake up Europe, stop being ignorant.

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