31 thoughts on “Knife Combat

  1. Villa Jamaica says:

    You must be kidding!!!!!! Do you think attacker will use only one hand? Ones you contact him with your magic move his second hand will end on your face or head. You look like watch too much movies, Don't teach people please they can get fucked on the street.

  2. spacecadet35 says:

    These are obviously not combat moves. Real combat moves are simple and usually there is only a small range. These guys are just playing. For serious stuff get the book on knife fighting, Folsom Style.

  3. Levi Tuomala says:

    @alteclansing3333 I know, and I hate that they killed Jesus but he didn't come to earth just for the jews, he came to earth to die for our sins. also there have been many armies who have documented cases of them raping and harvesting, and do you really think israel would hae lasted this long without God by their side. also Jews are Jesus' people, he loves us all equally but while he was on earth he was a jew.

  4. Armesis P says:

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  5. Levi Tuomala says:

    @XXXXNanoXXXxxx ya i realize most people dont like the jews, but why? also i like israel because they are a small countries surrounded by enemies and they are still alive even though they have been at war since israels creation, also jesus was a jew when he was on earth

  6. Brandon Spicer says:

    well that's true, it's not ALWAYS a certain way. Every situation is different. I'm talking about the majority of situations where someone is trying to kill you. Obviously, if it's an assassination or something, the attacker may approach the victim from behind and just slit his throat.

  7. Movie Scenes says:

    hahah… 🙂 this Karate scenes working only in movie… find some real life fotage, from security cameras. Loosers from this video dont have a chance, they only more piss-off a attacker

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