30 thoughts on “KNIFE COMBAT TRAINING Maestro Montana M.T.S

  1. Alba Lucia Insuasti Paz says:

    Esas tecnicas que demuestra aunque teatrales son inutiles, en un combate cuchillo tenemos muchas mas cosas que utilizar en contra de nuestro oponente que solo el cuchillo, rodillas, cabeza, codos y brazos. siempre deja todo esto al descubierto.

  2. Tyler Lalonde says:

    This is a cool video, 99% of it seems like it would work. but no offence I have to dislike this video for some of the showing off. Like when using a leg to spin him, instead of just finishing him with a strike to the back of the head. also at 40 seconds the guy makes his attack way to Wide. Just so he can be counted. I wish that people didn't add stuff like that to get students because it makes be never wanna learn from them even if they are the best knife fighter ever. I know that was just a little of a the video. None the less thanks for showing us your style.

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