Knife Combat Double Knives in the reverse grip aka icepick grip



This was a requested video. If your not comfortable with the Heaven6 please watch my Heaven6 tutorial video.

26 thoughts on “Knife Combat Double Knives in the reverse grip aka icepick grip

  1. wmpyr says:

    @crypter27 I almost witnessed an execution of a dog yesterday because the owner was stupid. It came chasing after me and then a car almost ran over it. Anyway, thank you for the vids, I will be checking them out and letting you know what I think later tonight or tomorrow. Gonna be out of town today. Thanx again and sorry to hear about the attack.

  2. wmpyr says:

    @Susanoo58 thank you! My guess is, if you just did it, with all of your Karate background, you probably would naturally do it this way anyway 🙂

  3. wmpyr says:

    @smkdude26 thanx for the suggestion, sorry it took so long for me to make, got super busy, glad to hear that it helped answer some questions.

  4. smkdude26 says:

    Thanx for taking time to do my request, it was great and very helpful. It answered several questions that have been on my mind about using this grip in flow drills.

  5. fmafanatic says:

    awesome video bro, I think I'll use short sticks for practice, specially for the tucked and extended positions before using real blades. thanks for the vid bro!

  6. viniv20 says:

    @wmpyr i know that but i just enjoy more guys like u here on youtube than those wannabe gangsters/ninja's doing and explaining tricks intheir videos they don't even master themselfs … 🙂

  7. wmpyr says:

    @viniv20 thanx man, I think Sensei Dan Bowen is very skilled too. Thanx for your kind words, but please keep in mind, I'm not anything special, or authority, just one of the guides in your martial arts journey. take care man

  8. viniv20 says:

    @DanBowenTV he's really that type of youtuber that do knows what he's talking about , just like sensei israel ( also when it comes to fighting ) and just like cutlerylover how he knows about steels,knives,and other things.
    these 3 i'm talking about are really that types of people you want to meet and discuss or get to know better.
    keep them reviews coming wmpyr !

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