14 thoughts on “knife combat basics slash stab slash

  1. wmpyr says:

    @Greatbear1982 if the snag was not curvy and straight, it's like a normal knife except it is the blade is in front of your fist. the tip still points up in saber grip. the karambit in saber grip is different, the tip points towards the enemy, which makes the slashing and stabbing motion the same. If I thrust with a karambit as if holding a normal knife then I cannot stab.

  2. Greatbear1982 says:

    something I'm really liking about the snag (its growing on me) is where the stab with a longer knife like my beloved GI tanto would have a tendency to go too deep and could get get hung up, the snag is not going to get hung up so easy..I'm also sure the slashing capabilities of the sang would be crazy. A question though, how does it change for a karambit? Is it the angle of the hand, modification to the technique, or does the whole body have to move differently?

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