Knife Blades 101 – Spear, Tonto, Clip or Drop Point Blade – Which is BEST for You? Schrade

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44 thoughts on “Knife Blades 101 – Spear, Tonto, Clip or Drop Point Blade – Which is BEST for You? Schrade

  1. MyREDTAIL says:

    My Schrade knives ar all made in the USA @ the Old Schrade Factory in NYS, The ones now by " TAYLOR BRAND " Are all made in China now,? I also own a few of them & the quality seems almost as good as the USA made ones, I have no problems with the Taylor Brand Schrade of quality Knives etc.

  2. andrewesquivel says:

    I like my 2.25 inch tanto blade folding knife. it even has a serrated edge halfway down. it's hard to find a knife in this size that it complies with all the local ordinances in Illinois. that is, except for one place that requires 1.5 inch or less…

  3. Jennie Moye says:

    I would have to say that the SCH303 drop point blade would be my best fit.  It appears that it would be very handy in my home with many tasks like in the kitchen and most certainly would be perfect for our camping trips that we love to take.  We never seem to have the proper knives that we and this one is versatile enough that it can and would fit many needs!

  4. Ian Regan says:

    I am a big fan of Tanto point blades so I would choose that SCH301. I just sharpened my CRKT M16-14T last night. Not a Tanto point, but still a very nice nice. Would be nice to add another Schrade to my collection!

  5. Mark Anderson says:

    Clip or Drop point works best for me. Easier to dress game with or just general use. imo.I like the SCH104L best as the handles have a better surface for gripping when your hands are cover in guts etc. Kinda important when butchering game in the woods.

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