Knife attacks: Fantasy vs. reality (first-person view)

I’ve often seen martial arts instructors construct an astonishingly unrealistic scenario for knife defense and find that to be dangerously irresponsible. A knife vs.

32 thoughts on “Knife attacks: Fantasy vs. reality (first-person view)

  1. Victor Martinez says:

    ive come to the conclusion through though that if someones trying to kill you with a knife their own life must be meaningless or just plain miserable aka as cold as the steel of their blade , running away lets them rot in that state And deal with not succesfully killing you . aka let god fight that battle to those who believe in him

  2. saitar1337 says:

    Practical opinions?

    1. Run.

    2. Use a gun.

    3. Use a pepper spray and than kick the shit out of blinded attacker.

    4. Use a taser.

    5. Use your own knife.

    6. Use anything long, blunt or bladed – anything with longer reach than a knife.

    7. Use obstacles, tables, chairs, bottles, bricks, fire extinguishers, anything else.

    8. You have to fight a knife wielder with bare hands ONLY if there is no other opinions I have mentioned.

  3. Java Monkey says:

    Yeah, it's ludicrous to think that a criminal with lethal intent would use the knife in anything but the most brutal, direct, basic, and effective tactic available to them.

    Look at prison killings; improvised stabbing weapons are used, and usually the person is stabbed five, six, seven times in the torso, very quickly. Not something easily defended against, even with training.

  4. Aiki Ken says:

    I disagree no instructor believes that's reality but you gta learn basics. When you've trained your body to move to the angles efficiently then you can build outwards from that but keep training the basics to refine body movements…. it's endless everything is everything neglect nothing

  5. xsangyhix says:

    I am sorry but you must be aware that you have to start training in slow motion. Only after mastering the movement you can counter the first stab of your opponent. You notice that the begin of the 'real' attack was exactly the same as the second 'fantasy' attack. Sure it's very hard to defend against a knife and you probably are going to get hurt but in the end what matters is if you are going to be on the ground or the enemy. Training a martial art or a self defence system can greatly improve the chance of you winning.

  6. Jirka Zalabák says:

    Man, that disarm technique is so bad. I have no idea where you learned it, but it is bullshit. There are WAAAY better ones, but even still, the truth is that will get at least injured 99% of the time.

  7. tgandrsn says:

    Something slot of people forget in martial arts is that the practice is to survive the encounter. you are gonna get cut, just make sure you don't let the killing blows land.

  8. Cryogenic Vortex says:

    Is having a knife a good way of defending yourself against knife attack? I'm curious.
    If somebody attacks you with a knife, he wants to use his tactical advantage to deal with you quickly.
    So, what could happen if you minimize this advantage?

  9. Pyrrelda says:

    How to deal with a knife?


    In all honesty running is the best option as knives are short ranged and if thrown means that though you'll get hurt, the opponent loses possession of his/her knife. If trapped, just be in a side stance where all your vital organs are protected by the length of your arm and when stabbed grab onto it firmly and elbow your opponent or make them lose balance by striking the bends in their legs. And don't push and run after being stabbed unless in public since an injured person has a lower possibility of outrunning the attacker.

  10. Herpvid de Derp says:

    Would it be realistic to grab an incoming knife or deliberately force it into your arm in order to immobilize it and counter attack? Say, somebody's coming at me with an overhead swing, could I grab it and punch his face? Obviously, I'd be injured, but that'd be better than getting my eye cut out.

  11. Viper 55 says:

    How i hold my knives is i either hold it with the blade backwards and facing me, or i hold it backwards.
    The second one is the traditional/good way i've seen, the first one is my hopefully clever spin on it.
    But never go to an area you'd be unsure of your safety unarmed. Even just one knife could help you save your own life. (If you're successful at fighting off your attacker.)

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