8 thoughts on “Knife Attack to the Throat from Behind

  1. Love L says:

    My feeling is that's the worse place you want to be in when someone is pulling a knife on you. The best situation is not to get yourself in that situation. All I can say," is keys in the front pocket and wallets in the back". If there's an opportunity take the technique but one slip-up will lead to your death because you will have your throat sliltt. The real question are you willing to take that chance of getting yourself killed? The best thing you can do is talk your way out of that situation.
    Three rules in a knife fight: RUN, FLY or EQUALIZE!

  2. irfanabdulfattah says:

    how about i in sit position on the chair,which the chair have a back. and it was 2 person,in behind who put the knife in the throat and in left side who take the money or somthing like that. and my right side was a wall and my front side was a computer. PLEASEEEE HELPPP MEEEE, i dont wanna this thing happen twice

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