35 thoughts on “Knife attack – One man stabs multiple cops, kills one

  1. hinarf says:

    Yeah, but you just said take your labels elsewhere, and you called me a faggot. You're the worst kind of dumb because you don't even listen to the bullshit pouring out of your own mouth. Does it taste bad? Being completely full of shit? I was unaware anyone in here wasn't a person…. my bad on the, "You people," thing. Then again…. you are either incredibly stupid or a troll. Either way…. this is your life!

  2. James Beard says:

    You call me ignorant by labeling me as "you people" WTF DO YOU MEAN BY "YOU PEOPLE" Ignorance isn't bliss, it's laziness, the only people who don't want to know are the one's who will never contribute to man kind. Take your labels, faggot logic, and sense of internet fulfillment elsewhere.

  3. hinarf says:

    You people do realize that any ignorant asshole is going to display their opinion, and some other ignorant asshole is going to argue that opinion. You're going to bang your chests until one of you gives up, and then the other ignorant asshole is going to believe they won something. Ignorance, is bliss.

  4. iWesTCoastiN says:

    No, we wouldn't, shut you're fucking mouth. I'm so sick of this argument.

    The police's job is to detain this man, just like the man who was shot 47 times by American police, if detaining the main proves to be impossible by tazing him or trying to calm him down, the cops have every right 2 kill him, he has a weapon and poses a threat, but what the American cops failed to do was even TRY not to kill him, they didn't shoot him once and see if he kept going & then opened fire, they just blasted him

  5. A says:

    Anyone making insensitive remarks about the officers in this video are sick and lack human empathy. They could have shot him, and in hindsight, they should have. Yes, there were endless tactical errors made but this video was probably made before the billions in aid & training that the U.S. has put into the country. RIP to the officer who passed away.

  6. 83rush says:

    if u corale a human being with the IQ of a dog hes gonna snap! lmao like a fucking ninja he sloughterd 3 dudes! i cant blame them cops cuz they r obviously to stupid to function! in anny surcomstance a guy charging at u with a sharp object u shoot! the leg or something, but for the love of comon sence shoot!

  7. TruthMaster2013 says:

    Allow me to laugh at the ownage by the bum. I hate cops, I hate anyone who tries to rule above me, so doesn't everyone else do that too? so yeah, fuck the police. If one needs justice you take that into your own hands.

  8. SirMark420 says:

    what the actuall fuck why didn't they idiots shoot him in the first place were they warning shots gone on too long or are you cops that fucking shite at shooting :/ it's those cops fault the cop died and it's there fault the others got hurt they had fucking ak47's come on

  9. stoffe poffe says:

    so fucking stupid idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant understand how fucking stupid u are if u stand with a fucking military rifle against a man with knife and stand and look when he knife 1 and then 2 and then 3 ppl……….. unlucky not all cops died

  10. Fred Davis says:

    A half dead man who just stabbed a bunch of people? Yeah, it is actually pretty smart. What would you have done, if you were actually interested in following the law and policies of your employer?

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