In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl are exploring the dangers of a knife attack from a woman. Subscribe to Nick Drossos: …


  1. Riki R says:

    They seem to afraid to tell it like it is for fear of offending femicuns. Take the knife out of her hand and knock her out. Men are so strong so that wouldn't be hard for them to do. If another man came at him with a knife then he is in real danger.

  2. chrisrobinson82 says:

    I understand that running isn't always an option but in most cases it probably is and it's your safest option. Of course you may need to alert others to what is happening similar to the story that was presented in this video but whenever you can… the fuck away!

  3. DAVID Dudley says:

    very true someone is threatning u with a knife its your safety in the first place even if the attacker ends up dead either way if u get the knife keep it so u can show the police that u were not the attacker.good videos man

  4. Brian West says:

    yes the ultimate thing is not to get into a fight with anyone and walk away if you can but you also have to remember you can put a knife in unskilled persons hand and to stand a chance of not getting cut or stabbed you have to have at least 20 years experience in martial arts yeah if a knife is going to be pulled out that you're going to get stabbed and cut and you put that very well you keep fighting keep fighting as long as you're standing and able to do something

  5. StriderCX says:

    The timing of this video is amazing. Recently, one of my friend's mothers went insane and pulled a kitchen knife on him. This happened after he had told her that he dropped out of college.
    Also, she hadn't gotten promoted at work for a decade, her parents were getting sick, and just a few months earlier several of our classmates died drinking and driving. I suppose the combination of all those stressful factors pushed her over the edge past the point of rationality.

  6. NothingMaster says:

    The combination of a knife and rage probably creates one of the most dangerous self-defense scenarios that I could think of. And yes, like you said there are situations where you are simply trapped and running away is not an option. When that happens, it really doesn't much matter who is wielding that rage-full knife; a woman, a man, a teenager, an expert knife fighter — you're in serious trouble and would have to fight for your life. So the question is: How would you defend yourself in a highly volatile, chaotic, and dangerous self-defense predicament like that? Your options are few, but probably one of your best moves would be to create as much distance between you and the attacker as possible, either by using an object as a shield between you and the attacker (a chair for instance) or else kicking like mad and waiting for an opening to eventually disarm/overpower the attacker.

  7. Stephen Stokes says:

    awesome video Nick, just the stuff i wanted to see. I love hearing Helen's point of view as a fighter chick. Would like to see you guys demonstrate some de-escalation techniques and some takedowns in the case of her being armed with a non-lethal weapon like a self-defense tool or pepper spray. I think more than any techniques that can be shown discussing the scenarios and what to expect is more realistic and a better video. Keep it up man.

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