Knife Attack Defense Training At Pennsylvania Combat Sports

With the recent knife attack incident at Franklin Regional High School near Murrysville, Pa. (which resulted in 20 individuals being wounded), the need for …

2 thoughts on “Knife Attack Defense Training At Pennsylvania Combat Sports

  1. Pennsylvania Combat Sports says:

    This is an effective defense to an immediate knife threat in which escape and avoidance is not an option. Protecting your vitals while using the most powerful weapon you have at your disposal (your legs) is the key to this defensive strategy.
    People may argue this tactic, but when confronted by surprise with an armed attacker you have to decide which is better…holes in your chest and neck or holes in your leg. 
    In addition to using my legs as a defense, they are very effective as an offensive weapon on the knees, and groin.
    Lastly, any knife defense solution that requires years of training and constant practice to maintain the timing requirements…is not a real world solution to the problem. 
    So kung fu nazi's trolling the internet looking to bash anything that your grand wizard hasn't signed off on…please take the comments elsewhere. 
    This is legit.

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