Knife Attack Against A Police Officer Caught On Body Camera

Are you ready for the speed, surprise, and violence of a real-life knife attack? This officer got very lucky that his vest stopped most of this attack, and he got off the …

21 thoughts on “Knife Attack Against A Police Officer Caught On Body Camera

  1. Robert Ribot says:

    The worse thing you can do here is 1 not keeping proper distance and 2 not having your hands in play to deflect an attack, in this case he had no time to go for his gun or taser. He got lucky.

  2. 2fast2block says:

    For me, if a person is approaching me who is suspect of evil doing, if they don't keep a distance that I command them to, and their hand(s) are hidden as they ignore my command, I will certainly attack first. And their hands MUST be open to be seen because it is way too easy to hide edged weapons in hands that don't have the fingers extended and shown. Even with that, a person can have a hidden knife out so fast that it would be very hard to react to if they are in range.

    I often ask a person, if I threw a punch at you what would you do. And they say such and such, then I say how do you know it was just a punch? That "block" they thought was enough could have easily been their arm getting cut open. I always assume the person has a knife. Obviously, I can't shoot them with that assumption but I can take non-lethal action if they insist coming closer to me and ignoring my command(s) to stay back.

  3. Daniel Nathanson says:

    Attacker conceals knife hand behind back to close distance for the ambush. The attacker also leads with his knife hand, to further close range. Probably best to avoid grappling range, you can only fight one opponent and chances are you will get cut. Ultimately the officer messed up as the attacker could have tagged him in the neck.

  4. GregTom2 says:

    Damn these cops are professional. I would have made 100% sure the suspect was incapacitated as soon as he turned his shoulders away from me, and I'd have pounded tiny little head into the wooden structure on the left of the camera, and then into the ground for good measure.

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