Part of the War Eagle project of the Brotherhood of the Blade is the exploration of weapons work the Kali Way of Filipino Martial Arts . Marcaida Kali Annual …


  1. Teresa Gideon says:

    i love this guy I'm glad there are good people out there like him . i took up the hawk several years ago and have become quite proficient at throwing it and a knife but i am greatly impressed with his skill i have learned a lot i pray the best for you and yours in the coming days sir . iven

  2. Leonard Leveque says:

    If I may ask a few questions:
    What is the philosophy behind the configuration of the hawk and the knife? Is there a reason one might hold the tomahawk in the left hand and the knife in the right? Or perhaps reverse grip the knife? What are the respective advantages of each configuration?

  3. Cosmoline says:

    Why is the student moving in slow motion while the instructor is moving at full speed?  It seems like a trick to allow the instructor to make four or five moves to the student's single move.

  4. Atkrdu says:

    Any in-depth demonstrations on this?  I know you can do a bit of this because the blade is light & would probably be sharpened on the underside so it can be ripped back out & do hooking/slashing damage.  I just would like a DVD or two that got into the different considerations for using the tomahawk & the regular hatchet.

  5. Ox Bone says:

    when can I use force? if a person gets out of their car and threatens me in my car can I use force? I am asking because I have practiced martial arts and do not understand when and why I can use force.

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