10 thoughts on “Knife against neck #2

  1. Richard Luntz says:

    From a- KM instructor-good vidio-i would add lift the shoulder that is on the side of the arm witrh the knife-and–important-slam your two hands-hard-to the graband lastly-which many do not teach- scream as you do the techinique-loud as possible-and rememebr its not over till its over-in other words- finish him-ten tell poice you are in ferar of your life-othewise he will keep on fighting and u will be hurt-respectfully Ari of Aris Krav Maga

  2. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Jamesbigmac, One difference that you may not have caught, I step forward to disengage. This creates a bigger area to withdraw your head, plus cranks the attacker's shoulder pretty good. Most will teach you to step back and under the attacker's arm thus thinning out the area plus possible put you in a headlock position. The only other that would have shown you this way would have been one of my student and now instructor.

  3. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    part 2 Commmando Krav Maga is not Krav. It is Judo & Jujitsu capitalizing on the name. Moni is very good Judo / jujitsu, but he passes it off as Krav Maga for the name.

    Thank you for the kind words. I have made a number of slight modifications. I am finishing up a DVD series with loads of material & those modifications (subtle as they are that I believe you will really enjoy. I will have them ready very soon. I went a couple of your clips. Keep up the good work. Best wishes

  4. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Laurent, I am sorry to say that Krav in the USA has become horrible for the most part. KMAA is a great teaching source in LA but has spread Krav with very little quality control. It is painful for me to see. Very few teach good Krav. My students learn more in 2 months than their instructors. Plus it is not even good Krav they are teaching because they don't work at it and combine their Tae Kwon Do, etc. that usually is not realistic for street.
    go to part 2

  5. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Thank you again 2Fists. New spot in Conn. Maryland is coming very soon. I may be doing a seminar there within the next month or 2 to launch the area. Making arrangements as we speak. Duke is terrific and brings great reality based understanding, experience and talent to the table. Great knife skills as well. Be well and hope to meet soon.

  6. FrontlineKravMaga says:

    Hi Steve, Thanks for the kind words. It is that ether I or the program I am using suck at editing or both. I couldn't crop the clip or couldn't figure how to do it. Saw your videos. Wow, phenomenal! Takes hard work, great talent and dedication to get there. I threw my back out just watching. Be well. I will try again to crop this and the others.

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