30 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian & Gun Policy

  1. ZBeard says:

    Looking to Kim Kardashian for advice on gun policy makes about as much sense as going to a plumber for a heart bypass. Now, if she wants to give advice on how to buy pants for a big fat ass, at least then she'd have the requisite experience to render a valid opinion. And near as I can tell that's about the limit of her expertise.

  2. RetiredBadge says:

    I would like to see the young people and convicted felons unable to get firearms, but without taking away liberty from those of us who are legal that will not happen. Some people from my experience in LE are just evil people. If there is not a gun, then a knife, then a hammer, etc. . . I am not for sure how Cain killed Abel, but it was not with a stolen firearm.

    Love your video's.

  3. Kelly Prophet says:

    It's all about one thing, money. Teens want to be part of gangs because there's a culture around it. There's a culture around it because areas of low income see an influx of money to support that behavior. The money is sent in to support that behavior in order to control territory. The territory is needed to sell DRUGS. You could probably cut the homicides in half in the US in a year by doing one of two things; Either lock down the borders 100% or make drugs legal and regulate them. The laws are stupid anyway. If they worked – there wouldn't be a massive underground system supporting them. Drugs being illegal also supports criminal activity to support drug use. If you're breaking the law by doing drugs — what's a little burglary going to hurt? It's just all around bad — but making them illegal is worse because people still do them — and now Chinese companies are making designer drugs to skirt the system and kids are getting ahold of them and dying. I'd put money that it's easier to get pot or meth at a NICE high school than it is to get beer. Why? Because the guy selling beer has something to lose if he breaks the law — the guy selling pot or meth? They're already breaking the law, they'll sell it to your elementary kids if they have the money.

  4. Tactical Mischief says:

    The transaction may have been a person to person transfer between two people who were not legally allowed to own guns. It may have been stolen from the first person and sold with complete disregard for age or criminal background in exchange for a quick fix. I don't know what is being advocated here, but a universal background check may not have been able to stop this.

  5. nmelkhunter1 says:

    What? You stated that career criminals will always have guns. Correct? So, to your concern as to why minors have guns, don't you think that many of these minors get guns from the same career criminals who have guns? I think you need to rethink your approach. Much of the problem with career criminals is they are allowed to be, well, career criminals. I am not so naïve as to think that we can keep all career criminals in jail, but I do think it would help to keep many of them there longer than the system currently does.

  6. kegannff says:

    Billy here at my country, people has the most ignorant idea, that by prohibiting the firearms you will prevent criminals from getting guns, and by banning them, you reduce the number of guns in criminal hands.
    The thing is, since always the number of illegal guns in the world has risen.
    And here in Brazil, the number continued to climb even after the prohibition.
    The funny thing is the people against guns are highly Hypocrites.
    Most of them advocate for the legalization of drugs, saying by legalizing marijuana you wont make everyone go around using it.
    By legalizing Gay marriage, it wont make people turn into gay.
    But when the subject is guns, they say : If you legalize guns, everyone will go around killing each other, and the number of murder will rise.
    Although i agree, with saying that legalizing something wont make everyone do it, they just use it when it conveys them.
    Respect from your followers here in Brazil.

  7. Dohn Joe says:

    so he's a felon and posts pics of himself with a gun, but his P.O. doesn't pick him up? Then he dies being a criminal and there are protests against his rightful death. Maybe someone should have told him that black lives matter. He threw his away.

  8. Brad Johnson says:

    You are absolutely correct. We should be as loud and vocal about eliminating illegal gun ownership as we are about our rights to legally have them. Do that and we won't be the target any longer.

  9. Random Reviews says:

    Hahaaaa…Didn't think you would touch this one, Billy. What we have here is a big bootie porn star commenting on firearms. I support her right to speak. Without it, how would we have such ripe material for satire?

  10. toby Hogan says:

    If criminals in the UK still find a way to get hold of illegal firearms (annually over 10,000 offences in which firearms were involved), how could any US law stop a potential or current criminal getting hold of one of the >300 million legally owned US firearms if they really want one? Those terrorists in France got hold of some AKMs and you can't even buy a rifle in that country.

    Why can't these protectionists get over there gun prejudice and look at the real issues causing this violence (gun involved or not); intercity poverty, poor education and prospects, crumbling infrastructure etc.

  11. Stephen B says:

    are you advocating universal background checks. I got a better idea let's just start enforcing laws. why was this a**** not still sitting in jail with a felony. what next universal background checks on knives. maybe I misunderstood this video because it seems shocking coming from you.

  12. learningtoprepper says:

    Very good point everyone wants to point the finger at the gun and legal law abiding gun owners but what people are missing is it is, and please correct me if I am wrong, but most gun crimes are done with illegally purchased guns so before we try and take away guns from law abiding citizens lets take away the illegal guns from  getting into the hands of criminals and if we still have a problem then we can address gun laws then!  Lets stop putting a bandage on the problem and fix the issue at hand illegal guns purchased by criminals first second look at other options, like our border secure our border then address the issue of illegals coming over then.

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