Killer Krav Maga Demo… A MUST SEE!!

Krav Maga Melbourne Australia – – 1300 858 265 Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat”. It is the official self-defence system of …

22 thoughts on “Killer Krav Maga Demo… A MUST SEE!!

  1. Michael Lehocz says:

    Keyboard tough guy warriors….negative comments from the experts, I think not. Krav Maga is a system refined over many years. Go to a gym and prove yourself instead of sitting on your computer. Fckn Snowflakes.

  2. BCS GYM says:

    Just a quick one, when people stab downwards they don't raise the knife above their heads, it comes down using the elbow and the knife is around the jawline.

    That is near on impossible to defend.

  3. Willi Schwartz says:

    I train Krav Maga in Sao Paulo Brazil through the FSAKM south american krav maga federation. Although I have never used it to defend myself, I am comfortable knowing that I know how to, if I ever need to use it.

  4. Willi Schwartz says:

    Defending yourself from someone who is coming at you in the street with violent intentions, is a survival method. It is called, fight or flight instincs that we all have. I have been training for over a year. and luckily never used it, but I feel confident in knowing how defend myself in real life situations.

  5. darrin725 says:

    After each initial attack the aggressor just quits fighting and lets the defender kick his ass. YEAH RIGHT! now lets get back to the real world where they wont just let you win.

  6. Keane Davis says:

    Whatever style u do as long as u are good at it and u keep your body in good condition u can survive any attack. UFC shit is great but on the street there is hard pavement, not soft camvas, u must strike fast with full force, there is no pacing yourself for the last round and no ref. U must be aware of your surroundings and no your state laws. U also have to know for certain that u will defend yourself by any means necessary. Be true to yourself. Do u have it in u to stab or shoot an attacker if need be? If not one must prepare themselves. I hope to teach this in my own style I want to develop. For over ten years I have trained in goju karate (2nd degree black belt) studied bujukan ninjitsu, amateur kickboxing, amatuer and pro boxing.

  7. Kellen peraza says:

    What I hear is this is a form "defence" in the comments thats a nope because this is Israel here where the country makes the citizen join the military for at least two years to become a citizen. So far I know this is used to kill your oppenent at any given moment and time mostly for speacial forces because if something happens you need to kill the person who is holding a gun against you. All I know is that this style of fighting is to kill your opponent not to defend yourself.

  8. Ezra Rainstein says:

    Just remember one thing, if Krav Maga sucked as much as all of you claimed, it would not be used by Mossad, by CIA, by Navy Seals, Delta, Green Berea, all of them, have proficient Krav Maga training. But all of you guys could take on any Navy Seal, Delta, Ranger, Green Berea because Krav Maga sucks.

  9. nathan smith says:

    To all the youtube experts on here, this is a combat style specifically designed for keeping your self alive and ending the confrontation as quickly as possible to get your self away from danger/disarm the enemy. It's not designed for your fucking mainstream 3 minute round refereed bullshit. I'm sure the 750+ military and security divisions who use this training know what they're doing. 

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