Kids Self-Defense Strikes : Kids Self-Defense: Strike Against Hook Punch

Getting out of the way is the best defense against a hook punch. Learn how kids can defend against attackers trying to hook punch them in this free self-defense …

16 thoughts on “Kids Self-Defense Strikes : Kids Self-Defense: Strike Against Hook Punch

  1. punisher001 says:

    @BerlinTheShepherd yah and when the other hand come up he hands are no where near her face no protection hope her family had a good dental plan u always should at least try to cover ur face u do the drill like it's happening for real so u don't end up waking up in a hospital bed wondering what happend

  2. yyyy2999 says:

    one time a stranger came, he asked for dierections….. i gave it to them and he said thanks and there was money inside his black van with tinted windows, he gave me 100$. End, happily ever after.

  3. TheVenomz says:


    hooks are fast punches. what if the defender reacted too soon? They would have no defense. Same if they reacted too late. Also, everyone has TWO ARMS. While they're looking one direction with both arms down, the attacker will swing with their free hand. Stupid video. I feel sorry for anyone who believes in this mess. Kids/ladies- take boxing lessons instead

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