17 thoughts on “Kids Self Defense – Footwork Drill On Agility Latter

  1. Sonni Omar says:

    Hi Nick how r u ??
    I'm taking a MMA lessons, how can I avoid a street fight with others because I don't want to hurt anybody because the main reason for me taking a MMA lessons is to not be angry any more because in the past I was that kind of people who gets angry so fast and I was fighting a lot, so now after learning MMA I know that I can hurt people so easily without being touched because now I know where to punch or kick and how to knock them out. So please help me to avoid that from happening. (I've been taking MMA lessons for 2 months now, still new and I've learned the basics of it) thank you Nick.

  2. Positive Manifestation says:

    Hi Nick,

    I am a big fan of all your material. Can you please do a video on how to deal with the lapel and punch in a street fight ? This is very common in a street fight and I know that the last thing that I want to do is fight back in the same manner as you are just exchanging punches, a no-brainer in a street fight.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Dominik Doherty says:

    When it all comes down to it the key to teaching kids is to make it fun if its fun they will of course enjoy it and want to come back and if it's fun they will remember the techniques better.

  4. Ox Bone says:

    that is old school teaching when they have to start again. very nice teaching technique. A+ supervision. this will build good habits. i believe this is a good foundation for street fighting.

  5. karl warren says:

    Love it, kid's pretty light on his feet for a young guy 😀 a great one I saw was on fight tips with a square box anyone reading this should check it out if they haven't seen it

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