KGB Ballistic Knife – American Style “Spetsnaz” Blade Update (homemade)

Blade Update to: How to make a Ballistic Knife (Prototype) , Spetsnaz, Speznas, КГБ, …

40 thoughts on “KGB Ballistic Knife – American Style “Spetsnaz” Blade Update (homemade)

  1. THE YAKUZA says:

    The best homemade version I have seen. You have real talent, the others I have seen are toys and toys by comparison if a serious attempt was made to make this knife. i was going to leave a comment addressing the comment made by someone a year ago about the training of Russian soldiers and how they didn't need American tricks like this knife. I had to laugh because correct me if I am wrong but, I had thought that this was originally a Russian invention. Anyway nice knife !

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