20 thoughts on “Keysi Fighting Method

  1. Stephen Williams says:

    You already had the arm trapped, if you are to concerned with escape then why let go of a joint lock to attack the head from that awkward angle? You would be more likely to smash your own elbows on the ground with grabbing the head like that. Not only that but I can imagine it would be incredibly easy to slip out of that. The transition from arm lock to that just makes absolutely no sense and is a waste of time and effort. You already got his head down why not just smash him and run? Or better yet knock the fucker out with a blow to the back of the head. This is the streets right?

    Also, when in real life do attackers ever remain seated throughout the duration of an attack? Again, totally backwards.

  2. LongLive TrueFreedom says:

    Let me make this clear for you. If you are thin and small, no matter what you train, you will be KOed by any strong, tall guy. The mass diference is too important in fight to overbalance it with skills or anything else. That's just rubbish advertised in movies or some naive martial arts like kung fu. If you are thin, get build up. If you are weak, get stronger. Then learn martial arts and how to use your muscle, beacuse apparently if someone ever attacks you, he usually is going to be strong too

  3. Alexander Angelus says:

    You are supposed to be fit in order to practice keysi. It's mostly about endurance, but strength plays a role as well. If you are not muscular, it's not too hard to become after some months of training. And no, strength is not everything. I can beat guys twice my size (I am pretty fit, but not that muscular), with simple tactics from clips on youtube. I don't even practice it yet.

  4. davichuuuu says:

    I'd like to see a young, small, thin, conducting demonstrations against a heavy muscled men appearing in the videos. that would convince me that the system actually works. because I think that to make KFM must be strong, and then, why practice martial arts, if you're strong?

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