Kershaw Antelope Hunter 2 Knife Review

A quick review of the Kershaw Antelope Hunter 2. It is a mid sized knife, with a good hard stainless steel blade. For more videos on wilderness survival, survival …

10 thoughts on “Kershaw Antelope Hunter 2 Knife Review

  1. MasterK9Trainer says:

    Your comments on this knife and comparing it to the venerable Mora has helped me to decide to buy this and the Bear Hunter as well except I am going to buy the Antelope Hunter with the orange handle in the original AUS-8 steel since I was lucky enough to find one. Then I can see for myself if one is really better than the other and I develop a preference and if not I'll know which is which. Helpful video.

  2. Spencer Woods says:

    I have a couple of the Antelopes and One of the Bears. This is definitely an Antelope  @seattwa. Mine was fantastic on some minor butchering of wild hogs. Sliced thru meat incredibly well and held the edge superbly. Like stated:great for fine and medium work.

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