Kerambit / Karambit Knife Fighting – Jak Othman (English)

Harimau Berantai Pencak Silat International is now opening doors to all martial arts enthusiasts 18 years old and above to join the Harimau Berantai …

25 thoughts on “Kerambit / Karambit Knife Fighting – Jak Othman (English)

  1. Angelo says:

    i wear mine around my neck for self defence but works great in my garden works amazing as a hand tool farming pulling weeds opening dirt bags tilling the potted plants. I dont see why it wouldnt have been used as a farming tool way back then if it works so good on a modern day farm/garden.

  2. TheSilatiger says:

    love to see jak show full tiger{harimau}as it is with two kerambits in hands and two blades on feet,it is from his family style,if I remember rightly it is the sri kandi[female warrior] battle weapons,tigress

  3. Joe Cannabyte says:

    I wonder what he thinks of the Emerson and Fox Emerson-opener Karambits? (I have one, I really want a traditional fixed one but this is my EDC right now, and I love it to death! more than my usmc ka bar short, even!)

  4. yamayama761 says:

    Brilliant video. Thanks for posting.

    Prof Jak Othman would be doing martial arts practioners a massive favour if he put out a Silat DVD series that we could buy, So that kerambit fans could understand the true principles of the kerambit especially at close quarter range. I notice a lot of his movements, and technique are so far removed from a lot of Jeet Kune Do & Eskrima opportunists that sell themselves has kerambit "experts".

    Again thanks for posting.

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