Kenyan Man Defends Himself from Guard Dog Who Got Off Leash | Active Self Protection



Defending yourself against a dog attack is a very real need for people in most places in the world; and even if you don’t have a force multiplier, you CAN defend …

35 thoughts on “Kenyan Man Defends Himself from Guard Dog Who Got Off Leash | Active Self Protection

  1. Puchi Bamba says:

    Me: Starts training shins and feet by means of a 2×4 from home depot, considers wearing a groin cup while in public and to top it off forearm/wrist gauntlets. Dog: Please someone leash me now !

  2. Simon Duder says:

    If a dog attacks you poke it in the eyes stick your fingers in its ears hard or my favorite squeeze its balls as hard as you can. Even better grab a back leg or two and kick as hard as you can until its dead even if after the first kick it wants to go dont let it keep kicking

  3. Sylvester Olveda says:

    My wife and I were recently attacked by a massive pit bull. I always take a large walking stick with me. The dog sprinted toward us and I held the stick in front me in a defensive stance. When the dog was in Range I poked at its face making the dog shift his direction. He then ran a large circle around us and went for my wife's legs. I then swung the stick over head in a downward motion at the dog and he stopped and backed off. Then he came again and I did the same motion again. The dog then ran off.

  4. OG uncle Flip says:

    I have an aggressive dog so what I would of done is. Right off the bat with both hands smash his face into ground grab the back of the collar lift up towards the sky and watch the bitch choke. Sounds cruel but it works.

  5. utubeaccess7 says:

    Let the animal know that you are bigger and stronger by barking growling and yelling FIERCELY, louder than they can, and advancing aggressively. Most times, they will retreat. No, dont do this with a 600lb grizzly bear or 900lb rhino, only animals that you can physically destroy by hand if necessary.

  6. Jiminy Gomran says:

    The dog was just doing his job, I'm really glad he didn't seriously hurt the dog. Yeah I'm one of those people, show me a hundred shootings and I'm fine but as soon as somebody hurts a dog I'm done

  7. Dave says:

    Why is this guys plan A to pull out your firearm like this guy didn’t need a fire arm and he’s like if just fuckin shoot it. Like for fucks sake you don’t have to shoot everything that comes close to you. Fuckin lose some weight you fat fuck

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