KELLY McCANN – Slashing Knife Attack

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29 thoughts on “KELLY McCANN – Slashing Knife Attack

  1. joeboo1983 says:

    There is no full proof technique against a real frenzied knife attack. Kelly is showing the technique slowly here but in training he goes full force with an attacker attacking with a fake knife at multiple angles.Fast and aggressive. His training is one of the most realistic I have seen. This is simple but likely easy to practice and recall under stress. Lot of people really need to listen to what this guy says and the aderaline rush of a real life situation like this would impair even simple technique.

  2. says:

    I love all of the phony experts who are critical of this particular technique. How long do you think you will be holding the attackers arm fools? If you're doing what you should be doing here, you are not waiting for the attacker to reorient, you're going to town with his legs, throat, head, etc.

    Put away all the tripe you think you know and listen up boys.

  3. Robert Spiegel says:

    Once you commit to the attack especially against an edged weapon don't stop or regroup, all this BS is academic until it becomes real. Everyone has a defense against a edge weapons or guns but unless you have had to defend yourself or more importantly come to the aid of someone else its all just academic. Anyone teaching techniques like this and other so called combatives I only have one question. Have you ever had to use it and did it work. The Charles Nelson Self-Defense System works, how do I know because I have had to use it against edged weapons multiple attackers, coming to the aid of a rape victims and in riot situations. If your techniques are not battle tested their just wishful thinking. The truth hurts but edged weapons and cold steel hurts worse.

  4. Soul Chicken says:

    Techniques like this have a place. Simply dismissing it by saying, "a real knife attack would be closer" or "a real knife attack will be from behind" is stupid. Sure–those might be more probable, but those techniques aren't exclusive. ANYTHING can happen–why not train for all of it?

  5. marcusMA says:

    Very affective defense , but the timing to get in ,has to be there.  If an attacker has a blunt knife or other weapon , you don't have time to play or contemplate on what you are going to do.  Just like what Kelly is mentioning here in the clip , don't chase the knife , get in & secure as fast as possible

  6. clearcombat says:

    As a self defense instructor any knife fight is very deadly.  Take off your belt, throw change in his face, scream he has a knife… look for any thing in the street to hit him with, kick to his hand.  If you have to block the knife hand, run after this.  People panic in a hand to hand street fight, can you imagine a knife fight.  Always wear a belt with a nice buckle, if not carry pennies with you, they are worth more throwing than they are to spend.  Pennies could save your life.

  7. dosdadio siapa says:

    trap, like an animal caught in a trap it can no more go anywhere in any direction. It is restrained in one area. It can not go forward or backward. In knife defense., the hand holding the knife is caught and it can not move forward in a thrust or can retract. In a block the hand holding the knife is parried so that the knife will pass from its target but the knife is not restrained and so it can be retracted for another thrust or slash. Literallt, a block will stop something like a shield.

  8. USLethal says:

    I don't know… if the guy knows what he's doing your lats, ribs or hamstrings are getting a nasty slice as you try to drive his arm down. Not to mention that the blade's tip is way to close to your kidneys for (at least my) comfort. I usually love Mr. McCann's work, but I'll pass on this one.

  9. blue0eyes0knight says:

    did you even read what i wrote?? i said restraint of the arm is VERY important. this technique looks ok but i have doubts about how much control you have on the knife arm. im not saying its wrong im just saying i believe my technique is more effective

  10. Alan Mann says:

    You do not believe the restraint of the arm is important – please check your belief system – that arm has a knife at the end of it – you had better control is ASAP. You do not have time to do small motor movements for a wrist fracture, how the heck are you going to trap a wrist ? ? ? ? ? – do this one, it's your better option.

  11. juan h says:

    u are stupid when u say that in martial arts u lived your arm up and u have all the time in the world to trow punches, thats only a fundamental so u know the many options u have to strike, u dont even have to do all that movements and yes we know they wont leave the arm up we are not stupid. but u need a fundation to start learning

  12. blue0eyes0knight says:

    although i do not agree with the technique he is using i do believe in this situation restraint of the arm is more important. if you block and you even manage to grab his knife arm with your blocking arm you will not be able to keep hold of it with just one arm. So even IF you make a good strike on him the knife could still go in you by accident. If you control biggest threat first, 2 hands on his forearm/wrist and use a wrist twist of fracture his wrist whatever then strike

  13. Tormented Darkness says:

    I totally disagree with this technique! If you can block? then you can counter strike at the same time! this idea of locking the arm is stupid and dangerous!!! If you do not have them locked properly then you are going to have a blade ripping through your rib cage…very bad technique! you are better off blocking and counter strinking to their throat and then front forward kicking them away. Been there, done it!

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